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#1 moosebutler Jul 09, 2012 01:23 PM

Need help to ID parts
I have acquired a GWS Slow Stick with the ultra upgrades and light strings along the leading edges. Red on one side, green on the other. Each side has it's own connector that appears fairly unique. My question: Where might I find any info, or even batteries, for them? Any help greatly appreciated. Pics to follow.


#2 C₄H₁₀ Jul 10, 2012 08:55 PM

Some advice while waiting for pics... First, you can probably just snip the connectors off and replace them with something else if they're really weird or useless. I can't imagine why they would be, but ya never know.

Next, the lights themselves will determine what you use to power them. Very popular right now are the adhesive-backed light strips that come in a variety of colors, can be cut to various lengths and are intended for ~12V input. These are excellent for wiring in parallel with a plane's 3S flight battery. I use some on a night flyer of mine and they're more than bright enough.

It'll be easier to offer advice once those pics are up, of course ;)

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