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#1 jcervantes11 Jun 25, 2012 12:47 AM

Do you think a chief designer of RC planes can design and build real plane?
Do you think a chief designer of rc planes can design and build a real plane?
I'm watching Flight of the Phoenix. Good movie. :)

#2 Bflat Jun 25, 2012 11:02 PM

RC planes are "real" planes. They're just not full size.

#3 Coenraad Jun 26, 2012 05:15 AM

With enough research. Yes i think so. But it totaly depends on the type of plane ofcourse.
But there are allready lots of kits out there that tye everyday Joe can put together.

So it hink given time and money they could do that yes.

#4 56S Jun 26, 2012 05:20 AM

Only on the original movie, not the remake.;)

#5 Xpress.. Jun 26, 2012 02:13 PM

Sure why not.

#6 geffen928 Jun 30, 2012 09:59 AM

I doubt it. I don't think that the R/C model designer does much if any of the load / stress analysis required on the big stuff. The model stuff is more of " eyeball engineering " I don't think getting something to fly is the issue......It's getting something to stay together in the air that's a challenge.


#7 1320fastback Jun 30, 2012 11:30 AM

Aerodynamically Yes.

Mechanically No.

#8 minivation Jul 01, 2012 08:55 PM


Originally Posted by 1320fastback (Post 22038434)
Aerodynamically Yes.

Mechanically No.

Exactly. Even full-scale aircraft designers sometimes fail to notice and address issues (whether they be a short in the middle of a 200m wiring job or leakage of a hydraulic pump) before the airplane enters production. For example, the deHavilland guys didn't notice there was a serious issue in their Comet jetliner before one fell apart in mid-air. Even the experienced people at Boeing overlooked a landing gear door buffering issue until the 747-8 took off for its maiden.

#9 TLyttle Jul 01, 2012 10:21 PM

If it was that easy, then locomotives would fly...

The aircraft in my avatar was designed and built by modellers, and it was a riot. There was no way I would hang a motor on it. The early Ultralights were really ropey, they flew, not many guys got killed due to the rules.

As far as the pros are concerned, they have generations of good ol' fashioned experience behind them, although the math does help...

#10 Roto Rob Jul 02, 2012 02:51 AM

The rc designers might have a full scale background. They are very different aircraft, and would require some experience to switch either way with good results.

#11 acetech09 Jul 02, 2012 01:14 PM

It really depends on what kind of 'plane' we're talking about.

Most RC engineers probably don't have any experience with aircraft internal combustion engines... which you would need.

If you ask him to design and build an airframe with instruments and electronics, he could probably make something minimally airworthy, as long as the power system was done by somebody who knows what they're doing.

#12 eliworm Jul 02, 2012 04:38 PM

Here is something scary. Start at about 2:15

My Home Depot Project Airplane (6 min 2 sec)

#13 warhead_71 Jul 02, 2012 05:49 PM

I'm confident that many RC modelers here on RCG are more than capable of building full-scale airplanes. I am certain I can do it. Just go to the scale forums and see the thought and engineering that goes into model planes and many of them are better designed than most pre-war aircraft. We have better materials, more reliable and powerful engines, and Google at our fingertips.

#14 RMS Jul 02, 2012 07:57 PM

It's been done as far as I know a few or more times. One airplane that I can remember is the JN-1 experimental homebuilt. An R/C guy designed it as he would a model. As far as I remember it flew fine.

#15 acetech09 Jul 02, 2012 08:40 PM

Just build a 60%-70% scale but with an airfoil capable of lifting 180-ish pounds :)

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