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#1 w4yn Jun 19, 2012 01:29 PM

Back in hobby
After a 15 year vacation from flying RC I have decided to jump back in before funds run dry after retirement next year.
I learned to fly on sail plane at least 25 years ago so decided that was way back in. bought a Radian and flew it several times some times with difficulty. Later found out there were sosme issues I did not know about. Have done some mods and it flys OK but still is a bit touchy.
Found these starnge micro scale models at LHS, figured they were toys but at less than 100 sheckles why not try one. I picked the FZ Albetros and was quite suprised when it flew very well and seemed to have no ill manners. Tried the DR1, not so well mannered but flew until servo would not center. Changed brick to one from Champ and now it is fine flyer also.
Well I had the bug now so it was on to T-28, Mosquito, and finally a Champ to use a trainer for friends. Also recently had some really bad experience and dollar pit with Carbon Cub, seems Ok for moment but a big disappointment as far as quality and reliability.
Have purchased FMS ASW28 and have had maiden misshap but all is repareable.
That is my short story of getting back into fine hobby at 66 and enjoying wonderful changes brought about by BL motors and litho batteries and foam construction. There is a AT-Pitts, Large T-28, SE-5 and Stinson still waiting in wings for first flights. Looks like I will not be bored after retiring!

#2 tobermei Jun 19, 2012 03:00 PM

Welcome back. It's a fascinating hobby and always plenty of new shiny things to grab your interest. I flew control line in my teens and early 20s and dreamed of RC but family / career got in the way.

Finally got an RC plane for my 50th birthday 4 years ago and have been enjoying it ever since. I fly mostly glow / petrol motors but have some electrics in my smaller stuff. Life is good, very good!

#3 pjdog350 Nov 02, 2014 01:47 AM

I'm 73 years old and have been flying RC off and on sense 1972. Retired in 2003. Learned to fly on mode 1 and because of RC helicopters I have switch to mode 2.

RC flying is a great retirement pass time. You can get a pretty nice BNF plane for about $ 100.00 bucks. That's of course if you already have a pretty good TX.

I pretty much stick to Horizon Hobby stuff because of there excellent product support.

I hope you enjoy RC in your retirement years. I hate to see winter coming. It's much to windy in the winter and being a UMX flier most the time it limits my flying time. We lost our inside flying site. So it's outside early in the morning for me.


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