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#1 BrightCap232 Jun 15, 2012 09:17 AM

Can't fin my "sent" pm's
Either mobile version or at home on my computer every time I look for a sent PM it's alway says its empty. Thoughts?

#2 Jim T. Graham Jun 15, 2012 10:19 AM

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When you send a message, you have the option to save a copy of it in your 'Sent Items' folder.
I have attached a photo showing where that option is located.

More good PM info:

How do I track messages?

When you send a new private message, you may have the option to request a read-receipt. This lets you check whether or not a message has been read by its recipient. To do this, go to the 'Message Tracking' page.

This page is divided into two sections: unread and read messages.

The unread messages section shows all messages that you have sent with a read-receipt request, that have not yet been read by their recipient.

The read messages section shows all messages you have sent with a receipt request that have been read and acknowledged by their recipient. The time that the message was read is also shown.

You may choose to end the tracking on any message you choose by selecting it and clicking the 'End Tracking' button.

When you receive a message with a read-receipt request, you may have the option to read the message while denying the read-receipt request. To do this, simply click the 'Deny Receipt' link rather than the title of the message, if it appears.

Here is a link to this info:

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