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#1 Oregon Craig Jun 12, 2012 01:42 PM

That great CS at Horizon Hobby
I posted elsewhere about how I had a mid-air with my PZ 109. Glued that all back together, but in the crash that long extra antenna was pulled out of my AR500 receiver and never found. All my fault with no doubt. I looked at it and figured I could replace it, but Horizon told me that part was not available to buy, only as a shop or tech part.

So, I shipped the receiver off to Horizon service with a note not to exceed 20 dollars for a repair, then I kinda forgot about it. Well, I got 2 emails. One when it arrived and one when it was completed and shipped. Perfect communication, all you could ever want or need to stay up to date on the repair.

Got home yesterday, my receiver had arrived. Well, actually a brand new in package AR-600. DSMX, Flightlog and telemetry compatible. A total upgrade. A 60 dollar value unit for no charge and they shipped it back for free as well.

The note on the invoice from tech Larry says "I am replacing the AR500 in the spirit of customer service". Ya, I'll say! :)

The same week I swore off that Hong Kong toy store, I become re-affirmed as a happy life long customer of Horizon products and service. Isn't that called Karma, or Irony, or Kismet? Some fancy word like that.

Proving that it actually is possible. Quite possible and can be done very well.

Thanks Horizon.


#2 erikc641 Sep 13, 2012 09:02 PM

Yep they are great! I just recently sent in 2 AR600's and a TM1000 unit for evaluation reference my telem module shutting down all the time. This would occur even when the plane was on the ground no more than 20 feet from me. ANyways, shipped all 3 off to them and they replaced all of them with brand new units. Won't see that anywhere!

#3 mudcan Sep 21, 2012 01:35 PM

i spent two days trying to get my 26cc t-craft to work with a dx6i tx. i spent about 15 min on the phone with Mike on the help line. what a great feeling to know that guys like Mike are there to help. great work guys:popcorn:

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