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#1 charlton29 Jun 11, 2012 02:02 AM

What's Up?
So, where did the year go? Now it's June, afternoons are short, winds are light.

The Rotor is no more...at least that one. There's nothing like getting a model between yourself and the Sun for losing orientation. And, there's nothing like a hard landing for breaking a fuselage into three pieces, bending pushrods and generally meaning that the model goes home in a bag.

So, I am now making a proper mould for a Rotor fuselage. It's gone reasonably smoothly, though I am learning how to do it as I go along. I am just about to get to the point of laying up a real fuselage in the mould.

The Aegea is flying reasonably well. A new wing has some interesting characteristics, including being more flexible than the old, but it seems to work well. The model generally seems faster than the old, which is curious, and the flaps are rather more efective than I'm used to which makes landing interesting.

I also have acquired a new video camera (a previous one is now at the bottom of Killalea Lagoon :()

Here's a video for your enjoyment.

Along the Wing (3 min 12 sec)

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