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#1 Broose27 Jun 04, 2012 04:03 AM

Great Sunday afternoon at SHMAC
Yesterday was one of the best informal flying days at Swan Hill Model Aero Club.

Noel, our oldest member, was flying his electrics: FMS 1400mm Hellcat, PZ Trojan, with his Oleo retracts, PZ Wildcat, and T-33 EDF. The Hellcat had a bad landing in the reasonable breeze, and he busted a blade - fortunately my FMS Corsair uses the same blades, so got him airborne again. The spinner was a bit notched so it sounded like a chaff-cutter - he'll buy a new spinner.

Sunday flying at SHMAC (3 min 20 sec)

Todd had his Boomerang 60 trainer going, with a .46 engine, doing touch and go's, and was tinkering with the Black Horse Twister he got for his birthday.

Scott our president was flying his Cessna 182 with the OS 45 FS, doing some serious non-scale stuff.

I was flying my FMS Corsair and Black Horse Eagle 40 trainer. Four tanks of nitro and 4 lipos.

Was a great, relaxing afternoon, with always someone in the air, once or twice 4 of us airborne.

If the weather behaves with the long weekend up next, could be a couple of big days!

Taking the SE5a out before work one morning this week - had some amazing morning frosts, so will venture to the local footy ground to make the most of the crisp air. Having clocked up well over 70 flights, I'm keen to try some non-scale stuff - the thing has plenty of power and I haven't really cranked it up which is a disgrace. Might put a light wooden prop on it and change the design to match the Aussie WW1 squadron colours....

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