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        Sold Two OS FS 1.20 Engines. 1 Surpass 1 non-Surpass

#1 C_Watkins Jun 01, 2012 03:54 PM

Two OS FS 1.20 Engines. 1 Surpass 1 non-Surpass
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As the title says, I have two OS FS 1.20 four stroke glow engines for sale.
Both engines are complete and include mufflers.

The Surpass is a very low time engine, that I've personally seen/heard flying, and I've ran it once, myself, since I got it.
It was on a Seagull Ultimate that I traded for, then converted to gas. (I ran it once, on the plane, just to smell it. :) But I'm done with glow, for flying)
$150 Shipped

The non-Surpass, I can't honestly tell you the history.
I got it from a club member who said it ran fine the last time he used it, but that was some time ago.
It is obviously an old engine, and the baked on castor grime shows it :)
It may be fine, it may need to be cleaned/checked, or heck, it may even need ring and bearings for all I know.
$90 Shipped, just as it sits. If it doesn't sell after awhile, I'll give it a good cleanup and test run and re-evaluate.

If you want both, I'll ship them both to you for $225

Both sold, in record time.
Thanks, RCG!

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