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#1 jetpilotrich May 27, 2012 08:04 PM

Unique Models 1200mm F4U-4 Corsair Build Guide
Unique Models F4U-4 Corsair BUILD GUIDE by: RCINFORMER (23 min 26 sec)

This video is a building guide/review of one of the newest models By Unique Models... The Vought F4U-4 CORSAIR....This Receiver Ready R/C plane is a graceful flyer and is quite aerobatic. It has lots of power and will go fast. It is a lot of fun to fly!

The model Includes a powerful brushless outrunner, ESC, 7 servos pre-installed, Installed working flaps, Fully articulating retractable main landing gear, retracting steerable tail wheel.... It is fully painted with decals applied. Just add you own receiver and battery!

Please feel free to contact Rich at: www.rcinformer.com
Model manufacturer: www.uniquemodelrc.com
Video Produced by: www.rcinformer.com

#2 jetpilotrich May 27, 2012 08:05 PM

Here is the flight Video....Enjoy!

Unique Models F4U CORSAIR Flight demo video by RCINFORMER (5 min 56 sec)

#3 fvi May 28, 2012 03:38 PM

Great looking plane. First thing that caught my eyes is how smooth the foam looks. I also really liked the scale sized tires, this might be a first for a foamie. :)


#4 McDaniel May 30, 2012 04:48 PM

Very nice video's, thank you

#5 jetpilotrich May 30, 2012 05:47 PM

thanks for watching and subscribing!


#6 FieldofDreamsFlyer May 30, 2012 06:42 PM

Who sells the plane and how much

#7 PikeStaff May 30, 2012 07:05 PM

Easytigermodels has it..... $230 plus shipping.

#8 jetpilotrich May 30, 2012 07:08 PM

I think thats the best price, you can check Parkrc as well...

#9 BlueJag May 30, 2012 07:27 PM

Is this the same?
Nice video and flights!

Is this the same bird and how is the rep for this company?


Wing Span:1200mm(47.24in )
Length:970mm(38.19in )
Height:330mm(12.99in )
Flying Weight:Around 1600g
Landing Gear :Electric Retract
Propeller:4-paddle 13*6
Motor:480KV Brushless Ф36X48Ф4
ESC:40A Brushless ESC
Servo:7X9g Servo
Required Battery:14.8V/25c/2200mAH~2600mAh Li-polimer
Required Radio System: 6CH

#10 jetpilotrich May 30, 2012 08:10 PM

yes, thats it.... thats cheap if it is US dollars... Rich

#11 jetpilotrich May 30, 2012 08:18 PM

I have 4 of their planes and have done videos of them all, the oldest I have is about 2 years old. it is the T-50 jet, I got it from hobby king. all are awesome planes. check out my RCINFORMER youtube channel for all the videos....

I think the company has been around about 5 years, all their models are a great value.... The best part is that they all fly great they are all reciever ready... and the price is very affordable.


#12 BlueJag May 30, 2012 08:21 PM

I walked through the buy process and for EMS it is $60 -$65 4-10 days after I read the EMS shipping Quote.
So to my home it would be $170 + $65 for insured shipping. It is $55 for air parcel which is 21-30 days to ship and arrive with the possibility of 60 days.

Do you own any FMS or Durafly Corsairs? If you do whats your thoughts?

FMS 1400mm Grey one is out of stock at BH
FMS 1400 Blue in stock with free shipping all summer long.
HK Durafly 1100 USA warehouse on backorder and can not backorder at USA warehouse.

HK Durafly Corsair International less than 6 left. around $180 with EMS for me. -3 now and backorder capable.

So I am looking just not being able to find what I want along with the price/ quality for a foamy.

#13 jetpilotrich May 30, 2012 08:41 PM

I like my FMS Mustang, their stuff is usually good... i know very little about durafly... I know my Unique Models Corsair rules! I dont think It will take 21-60 days... but easytiger models has it for $230 plus $29 to ship ($29 is usually what they charge me for my UM planes) If i were you, I would call Curtis at EasyTigerModels and see if he will price match or at least come closer(show him the site you found)... then you could have the plane in a week! Even if it is $10-20 more... you will have it in a week... He has them in stock... the worst he can say is no.....

#14 ryramZ May 30, 2012 09:37 PM

Is there a spar? Nice vids!

#15 jetpilotrich May 30, 2012 11:01 PM

Yes there is a spar in each wing, there is not one thru the center connecting the two wings, but the center (fuselage section) of the wing is so thick it is not needed there... I have yanked on mine pretty hard, and pounded in a few landings with no issues. Rich

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