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#1 hargard May 25, 2012 08:30 AM

Control software
It's been a while since my last post on this forum... Many of the same faces are still here. :)
I have been doing a Lot of resource work in the last 18 months.. Now it's eased off I going to get back into RoV's.
Writing code in Arduino now.. It's easy and have the basics done and was looking to see if any others are using Arduino.

Regards Antony(UK)

#2 robe_uk May 27, 2012 02:41 PM

Interested to see what you are working on, although i do not use Arduino i think it would a good path to go down as there seems to be plenty of resources out there for it, i dont have the time for the learning curve. My rov stops and start as any time i have an idea or need for a different project the rov gets pushed back down the list and am already fearful that i may miss another year:mad:

anyway good luck

#3 hargard May 27, 2012 03:00 PM

Hi Rob.
I will publish the entire code when I have finished.
I will also make a adapt it yourself bit so anyone can easy do the software even if never tried to play with Arduino's.
Hoping the code will have Auto depth, Auto Heading, Analog control on thrusters. Plus anything anyone can suggest (being sensible of course).
Arduino board cost as little as £9.69 on E-Bay ATM.
The only other thing that is wanted are two serial to RS485 adapters. £3.99 on eBay.

Regards Antony

#4 hargard Jun 14, 2012 04:24 PM

I have completed the main Arduino RS485 comms and main interface.
I would like any ideas that people need in the software.
At the moment I have a Joystick (hall effect). and two potentiometer both with centre indent. One for Depth control and the other for side thruster.
Four double way switches (self centering), Camera tilt(Up/Down), Camera Focus (In/Out), Lights (On/Off).
Top board is a Arduino Uno with a Rs485 board A MAX7456 on screen display, A buzzer for Alarms
The bottom board is a Arduino Nano with Rs485 board. Compass and Depth sensor and leak detectors, 3 ESC's. for thrusters. Camera with Tilt and Focus.
Have done :-
Auto heading(when you donít move the joystick it maintains its last heading).
Auto depth(when you donít move the joystick it maintains its last depth).
Max7456 screen (displaying Depth and Heading).
Buzzer Alarm to sound if a leak is detected.
Tank style steering is done with a Vtail mixer.
Like I said if you can think of anything else that might be useful then post here.

After testing I will document the code and how to change the code and how to upload into the Arduinos. It will be a ask and you get as I will Email it to you..
No cost involved as Arduino is open source software..
The cost on Ebay for the Arduinos are The Uno is Approx £12.60 Ebay Item number: 120928273991
And the Nano is Approx £11.99 Ebay Item number: 150833405086
Rs485 Adapters £4.39 Ebay Item number: 290717451716
So the cost is not High and will be as simple as it is possible to make it.

Regards Antony

#5 west10degrees Jun 17, 2012 10:50 PM

Arduino ROV
Hagard, I'm super excited to see you trying to control the ROV using an Arduino. I also have been getting parts together to build an ROV and want to use the Arduino to control the vehicle. I'm interested to see how your code works!

My approach was going to be a little different, I had planned on using the Arduino IDE to upload the code to the unit, but only using one unit topside (Arduino Mega) managing the relays and using input. I like the idea of having the nano subsurface collecting all the data from the sensors.

Have you looked into Processing?
This is another IDE that integrated very nicely with the Arduino and my plan is to program the physical interface here. I think it may be possible to stream video into the program using an EasyCap video to USB converter although this has been untested and I'm unsure of how it will work.


Anyways, let me know how your code works out, very interested to see!

#6 hargard Jun 18, 2012 12:53 PM

If you are using Arduino why are you using relays ?? For thrusters ??.
If you are then it might be worth thinking about using variable speed on the thrusters. Bang bang on the thrusters makes then difficult to use.
As far as the software goes I am using a library called " Easy Transfer " by bill.
Also trying to work out 10 degrees west ?? Can't be far from me.

Regards Antony

#7 chakho Jan 12, 2013 09:45 AM

arduino rov
hi as you have it going with the code I am very interested because I also began to collect his rov right now I just learn Arduino programming and buy the right parts. sorry my english thanks

#8 1111Mavrick Feb 11, 2013 12:40 PM

Hi Antony

I'm also going the Arduino route and am very interested in your set up Antony.

I would love to see pic`s of what you`v got so far and would really appreciate the code.


#9 fireslayer26 Feb 19, 2013 03:51 PM

Here is what I've been working on. It was inspired by the work at homebuiltrovs.com. Some of you may know it. The owner Steve was kind enough to share a demo version of his control software. I expanded on it to look very similar to his. The WinDVR program is just on overlay, using the "Always on top" feature. In a future version I am working on incorporating a live video window into the program. Maybe from a USB easycap device. I'm trying to get some answers on a Visual Basic forum on how to do this. The control interface will be a Phidgets 0/16/16 board. Visit www.homebuiltrovs.com for more info on his great build.


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