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#1 Hobby head May 07, 2012 12:20 PM

Astroflight 109 Charger $69.00 shipped
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Up for sale is this Astro Flight Lithium Charger with the new chip upgrade 2.0, this charger is in perfect condition! I have way to many chargers that I just never use any more, please PM me for questions, also please use the Paypal gift option. $69.00 shipped This is a smoking deal for this!


Cell Types

Lithium Polymer
Minimum Cells
One cell
Maximum Cells
Nine cells
Maximum Charge rate
9 amps
Minimum Charge rate
50 ma
Charge Time cut off
10 hours
Discharge Rate
1.25 amps
Discharge cut off
3.2 volts per cell
Current Display
50 ma to 10 amps
Voltage Display
0 volt to 40 volts
Charge time Display
hrs, min and seconds
Amp hour Display
0 to 95 Amp hours
Supply Voltage
12 to 15 volts
Supply Current
0.1 to 16 amps

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