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#1 arcticflyer Apr 24, 2012 10:23 AM

Fast Planes....Big Inrunners/Outrunners!
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Hey fellow speed freaks,
I am nearly done my HJK Monster and am close to the maiden flight. I have set the Monster up with a Hyperion GS3025-4, with a K-Force 150 and a 4S power supply (the motor does not like 5S and shuts out just above mid throttle with some scary stuttering).
This 4S setup will get me by for the maiden and trim out flights. That system pumps out 1600watts at 116amps static with one of Marcus's 7x13 folders on a 45mm Turbo Spinner. A 7x9 APC Sport puts out 1200watts 80amps static.
This system obviously will not take me where I want to go (225+mph). I have been looking at the larger 36mm inrunners from a number of companies however, there is no prop test data on these motors just EDF results which are usless to me.
I am not building a hotliner....to use car terms I want a Salt flats machine! Along the F3S lines. All I want to do with this build is go as fast as the airframe will take me or where it comes apart (like to stop just prior to that point actually).
I have been eyeballing these 650 motors for some time now and am ready to pull the trigger. http://shop.rc-electric-jets.com/HET...50-68-1340.htm
Hey it's a discussion....have at it!

#2 Arcteryxxx Apr 24, 2012 11:02 AM

How about deciding on lipo size and cell count and do the math backwards to find the desired motor kv, then search the webshops or have a MEGA made to fit your needs?

#3 arcticflyer Apr 24, 2012 11:43 AM

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Thought about that quite a bit. I have spent hours on the motor calcs (don't know why...don't trust them) with different setups.
As you can see from the pic I've got lots of room for lipos. Those are two 40C 2250 Rhino's side by side. Ok...I will set a limit for the lipos at 8S as I can get an 8S setup in there with enough room for air to get around.
I guess my question is...a higher voltage app or a 4-6 S app. I just want the most I can get from my limitations which are 36mm motor...8S...and of course available props. Love this 7x13 folder.

#4 Arcteryxxx Apr 24, 2012 12:16 PM

Assuming the 7x13 will draw similar amps to the APC Q40 7.4x8.1 and the space available, you might want to consider the Murdo setups for the goode ol' Stryker C, and take height for less cooling to motor/esc.

#5 arcticflyer Apr 24, 2012 02:21 PM

I tried PM'ing Murdo awhile back but not heard anything yet. I thought about him right away when I decided to go Direct Drive big inrunner. I followed that Stryker thread for some time and had some pretty radical 28mm setups myself but the 36mm stuff is all new. This airframe should scream with some of those setups... I am just looking for some advice before pressing the "checkout" button on some motors.

The good thing is I drilled out that motor mount plate to let air in through 4 holes to the motors and there are holes in the airframe (hope it doesn't whistle) to cool the ESC and battery. that is part of the reason I don't want to stuff batteries in to the point where air won't flow through the FUZ.

#6 sebbe Apr 24, 2012 03:41 PM

arcticflyer , first, what a beauty,, she is gonna rock !!!

Thanks for the info, now I know how much amps the 7x13 prop will draw,, My thought was 1500kv and 5s...and maybee like 120-130 amps,,, I guess I was close, but maybee it will draw a bit more...

I was always looking at the typhoon 650 series also,,,, They have a wide range of kv to choose from.... and are well priced..

With your numbers on the 7x13 propp, I think the motor I am searching is a 1400kv with 5s lipos, I think it will be in the 120-130Amp range, where I want it to be...

I just did some numbers on Neu Calc,,, it was not close to the data you did get,,, very hard ti trust those calculators....

Thanks, helps me a lot..

#7 Arcteryxxx Apr 24, 2012 04:22 PM


Originally Posted by sebbe (Post 21424875)

Thanks for the info, now I know how much amps the 7x13 prop will draw,, My thought was 1500kv and 5s...and maybee like 120-130 amps,,, I guess I was close...

You were ;)

#8 sebbe Apr 24, 2012 04:54 PM

The only problem, which plane ?? :)

I cant afford a Monster, and I am not a kit builder to make a Ninja....

#9 jjmouris Apr 24, 2012 05:46 PM

Rhino suck compared to Turnigy, just incase you didn't know.

Also, that GS3025-4 is a 14P motor with 1545KV. On 5S that would be about 160.000 electrical RPM for the ESC to manage. You need atleast 12Khz on the switching rate.

Good luck!

#10 jackosmeister Apr 24, 2012 05:59 PM

That is one badass looking plane!

When the monster came out, I was playing with ideas for power systems. I didnt even write down what I came up with but it was a mega 22/60 on 8S ;) I talked to HJK and they confirmed it would fit.

EDIT - Yikes - Take those deans connectors out before they melt!!!

#11 arcticflyer Apr 24, 2012 09:14 PM

jjmouris- You read my mind man...I was going to ask you about that. Here is what the ESC fine print reads from HK:
Max Speeds;
2 Pole: 210,000rpm
6 Pole: 70,000rpm
12 Pole: 35,000rpm
I think I already have the ESC on 12Khz...should the timing be set to 20?

Jacko - The Deans are temporary till my 6mm bullets come in. They arn't getting enough amps to melt them yet...HOWEVER, that time will come. I thought about a Mega..love those motors and love the service that you get from those guys in CZ. It will fit but I already have my plate drilled 19 and 25 with large cooling holes that match the motor. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't those Mega's have a weird bolt pattern...not sure, might be thinking of something else.

#12 sebbe Apr 25, 2012 04:50 AM

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mega 36m inrunners, you could see hole pattern..

Did you have to balance that Koch prop ?

#13 Arcteryxxx Apr 25, 2012 04:58 AM

"Normal" bolt pattern on 22/50 and longer. Can be custom ordered on shorter ones too.

#14 Steve C Apr 25, 2012 02:21 PM

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First off, I'm glad to see some talk about this plane. :) Please tell us what you think of it (strength and finish) and where will you put your antennas.

I think you have to decide if you want a high rpm screamer or a maybe a much quieter double oversquare thumper ;) I like this motor, and I believe they have potential, but I'm surprised you chose the short one. We're flying a much smaller Cyclone on the GS3032-6 and 10x20 prop. Next flights will be on 5s and we expect some pretty high speeds! :D

These new Hyperion motors are wound poorly with really small wire, so a rewind could really help. The rest of the motor is nice and I really like the idea of hanging the back of a long outrunner on a bulkhead. I included a pic

I guess guys are doing ok with these big HET motors, but I had a 600 and it overheated and demagnetized the rotor at pretty low power.

Steve C

#15 arcticflyer Apr 25, 2012 05:46 PM

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Steve C - Hello in Lodi...I got a friend that lives somewhere in that area.:D As far as the plane I purchased this as a "B" model or blem on ebay from the guys who made it. It came with some problems that I knew and worked out with HJK through a great friend in Germany who translated everything (thanks Rolf).;)

As far as strength goes I don't think I can stuff enough power into it to pull it apart in the air...especially after the mods I did to the control surfaces on the wings (3M5200 1mm layer ontop of hinge line) stiffened it up nicely. I did not build this with sport or stunts in mind...line it up and hammer the juice and go as fast as possible.:eek: Just have enough control throw to take off and land ok.

I will be getting one of the new Monster 1.1's when they come out and will do a complete build thread on that one.:cool:

I just pulled the trigger and ordered this motor from FanJets USA: http://shop.rc-electric-jets.com/HET...50-68-1340.htm
Will be posting all the numbers as I am able to test the motor...and if I burn it everyone will see the aftermath.:mad:

I am just using the small Hyperion to get a maiden in but still wanted to see how much I could get out of it with that minimal setup.

As far as the receiver is concerned it is a 6255 Spektrum Carbon Fiber Receiver. I run a DX7 radio. I will mount it exactly how Spektrum instructs. I took a pic of where it will go and taped it on. It will be velcro'd to the inside top of the Fuz just in front of the wing with the antenna's pointed at a 45 out the sides to the rear.

So help me...if I loose this plane to signal failure I will go on a life long quest to destroy Spektrum's rep with all means at my disposal.:mad::mad: Needless to say alot of time will be spent at the field range testing before I toss this thing.

A friend in Eastern Europe has a Futaba mounted to the rear of the wing in a similar way and has had no problems. WE SHALL SEE!

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