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        How do threads close?

#1 King Kong Nov 05, 2001 10:56 PM

How do threads close?
I just posted a thread called Micros, and I looked at it today and it had the lock picture on it. I was still able to post a reply though? I am realy confused:confused:

#2 phreak Nov 06, 2001 02:37 AM

it doesnt have a locked thread pic on my computer. maybe it loaded the wrong picture or something.

#3 Greg Covey Nov 06, 2001 07:49 AM

Only the Moderators or Administrators can close a thread.

It was probably just an HTML 'glitch'. Even IP is not fault proof. The next time it happens, try hitting the "Refresh" button on your browser.

#4 Jim McPherson Nov 06, 2001 09:21 AM

They close by being of topic .... ;) .....

#5 Thomas vogel Nov 06, 2001 11:08 AM

I thought the Master Computer gave them all a home at least untill Tron destroyed him

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