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#1 AndyCross Apr 15, 2012 12:47 PM

Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel
Hi guys,

Got a slight quandary and could do with some advise.

Got myself a Hanger 9 sopwith bipe which I will start building soon.
Most reviews call for around 25% mix of rudder with Ailerons which seems to be the norm with WW1 bipes.
My prob is my old futaba skysport six does not have this facility, so I could either manually add rudder in the turns or would Aileron Differential do the same job. (ie :- more up travel than down).
The Ailerons are powered on the lower wing by one servo per Aileron connecting to the upper via a slave so setting the "mechanical" differential I don't think would be a problem.

Can anyone expand or confirm if this is right.


#2 Harry H Apr 16, 2012 12:06 AM

Lucky you to find a Camel as I think it has been discontinued. I don't use differential or rudder mix and it is a pleasure to fly. I find that manually using rudder makes me a better pilot in the long run. There are a couple of really good (and long) threads on the Camel, you should check them out.


#3 AndyCross Apr 17, 2012 11:35 AM

Hi Harry,

Thanks for the advise.
Any other tips or do's or don't's to watch out for.

Have read most of whats available and it seems to have c of g issues if running electric which I am.
I've no probs with moving the servos and lipos as far forward as they'll go and replacing the metal Ele/Rudd control rods for lighter items.

I'm opting for a heavier brushless(390grms) than the recommended e-flight 46 and putting the esc on the engine mount.
I'm hoping this will be enough to keep the weight down forward enough and keep it down to 8-9lb.


#4 Harry H Apr 17, 2012 03:19 PM

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Andy, as I remember, it went together fairly easy. I think the cg was off in the instructions and there was also a mistake about the cabane struts as well. I think the heavier the motor, the less weight you will need to add and the 46 is anemic for this plane in my opinion. I ended up putting the ESC where the chunk of lead was to go and cut a hole for the battery to go through the firewall and still needed to add about 12 oz of lead. All in all, this plane is a real pleasure to fly once you get the hang of take offs and landings down:)


#5 Tim Wolff Apr 17, 2012 06:11 PM

Is that a Monster Power 160 motor Harry?

I'm planning on using one on 2p 3s 4800 mAH packs with a 19" prop in my Camel.

#6 Harry H Apr 17, 2012 06:28 PM

Tim, it's a MP60 running on 6S 4000 with a 15x8 APC prop. I would love to put a more scale prop on it but would have to change the motor. This combo really works great and I get 12-15 minutes of flight time.


#7 Paradude Apr 22, 2012 01:25 AM

G'day Harry. I was lucky enough to obtain two of these, one built and one new kit and am going electric for one and 4 stroke on the other. I am following your setup with elctric and was wondering what CG you have, there seems to be varying suggestions? Thanks

#8 Harry H Apr 22, 2012 07:41 AM

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Paradude, I have mine set at 3.75" and it works good for me. Just changed out the wheels (Williams Bro) that are heavier than the stock and may be able to remove some of the lead:) After a hard cross wind landing, I checked the landing gear and found that it had weak solder joints. Took it all apart, re-soldered and painted.


#9 Paradude Apr 23, 2012 06:05 AM

Thanks for that, I just found the thread on RCU and need to sort some issues like aileron movement etc but should be all good. Appreciate your help

#10 Davey NY Apr 28, 2012 03:21 PM

Ohh.. glad saw this thread. I have a H9 I bought over year ago waiting for final assembly when my skills were up to par.

I am planning on getting her up by this fall. i will be keeping an eye on the build log. Feel free ot PM me if its a different thread you start.

Congrats! She is pretty. I may paint her after the Black Squadron...


#11 AndyCross Apr 29, 2012 05:41 PM

Hi Guys,

From the RCU thread the ailerons do suffer a little restricted upward movement due to the covering(hinging). I've read if you deflect full up and re-heat the covering this will cure the prob.


#12 Harry H Apr 29, 2012 05:54 PM

Yes, use a heat gun while holding the ailerons fully deflected. Mine had very little movement and this fixed it.


#13 Paradude May 05, 2012 04:07 AM

Thanks Harry for the info, maiden today and really happy with this plane. I used 5055 600kv on 4S and had more power than needed, flew half throttle on a 16 x 8 prop. As this one was already built unflown it had 930grams of lead in the nose, I got it down to around 400grams:eek:

Scotty's Hangar 9 Sopwith Camel. (8 min 3 sec)

#14 Harry H May 05, 2012 10:17 AM

Nice video!! Looks like you got it dialed in pretty well. Such a sweet plane and I liked your coordinated turns. I fly off pavement and find that landings are best with little rudder input once on the ground, always directly into the wind. Congrats!


#15 Paradude May 06, 2012 05:57 AM

Yes I must get used to no tail wheel lol. Now all I have to do is decide on a 90 fourstroke or 20cc gas for the other one.

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