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#1 Sid3ways Apr 15, 2012 08:36 AM

MK Octo2 Frame & Motors / 8x BL2.0 & Distribution Board / MKTR
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I acquired this Okto2 that had the FC removed to put on a different copter. I got this to add a FC board to it and sell it but I'll probably never get to it.

The Okto2 comes with the Roxy 2837-34s. I also have one brand new motor to go along with it. The distribution board comes with 8 BL2.0. The solder joints need to be gone over for the motor connections as they aren't up to the level I like to solder them to (although it still works fine, I'd add more solder myself).

It also comes with an MKTR that was slightly damaged. Near the landing gear the fiberglass broke but was repaired. The threaded rod that has the eyelet for the main attachment point to the MK frame has the eyelet broken off of it. Also could use a new landing gear skid if you wanted though one on there works. You would need to replace that part to use it from what it looks like. Photoship one does provide replacement parts relatively cheap, you could have the parts to fix this for less than $40 as an estimation but don't hold me to it, servos still move freely. This would be a good deal for someone who wants to get into a decent mount at a cheap price to put a little work into.

Okto2 frame (Also comes with 3 extra new motor arms
HiLander26 Landing Gear
Extra Flexlander Landing Gear (needs landing gear skids)
Roxxy 2837-34 (One extra brand new)
Okto Distribution Board with 8x BL2.0
MKTR Camera Mount

Price new: $1960 for this stuff. It certainly isn't new and the cam mount needs a few cheap parts and such.
$SOLD I'd rather not part out the camera mount unless I have a buyer as well for the Okto 2 parts.

Basically buy a FC and GPS and you could have a Okto 2 with a MKTR for less than the price of a basic Okto2 kit you have to put in all the time and money to.

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