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#1 syncra Apr 12, 2012 01:35 PM

Best open source autopilot vs commercial solution
Hi all,

I have been browsing and studying for a week now, trying to understand what options I have to get into atuopilots and multicopters.
Still, I cannot understand fully where to head between:

1 ArduPilot /copter/plane -seems mature
2 MikroKopter -seems also mature but lots of info are in german
3 Multiwii - lower cost? but no autopilot
4 OpenPilot - seems powerful and well developed, but not mature yet?

Anybody can give me a sharper idea on the differences and maturity, please?

Also, how do these open source systems compare with the commercial ones, ie

5 Wookong-M
6 FY-91Q
7 Attopilot

in terms of both quality, usability and ease of setup?

Many thanks to anybody that can help!

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