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#1 SkyCadet Apr 09, 2012 07:21 PM

Upgraded wheels, canopy cut/tinted, just need to balance!
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I decided to put on bigger wheels on the Pitts to handle deeper grass. I opted for Hangar 9's 2.5" Prolites. I used a 5/32 Brass shim to mate to the axles, but I am planning on getting a better axle system to handle beefier touchdowns. The stock setup seems like it might come loose over time.

The 2.5" wheels look better, and should handle things a bit better too. I had 2.25" H9PLs before, these have more of a "tire" look to them - closer to scale photos I've seen with PItts 12s on the net that do not use pants.

I also medium-tinted my canopy, it looks darker due to the lighting. It's at about 55% tint. I finished cutting it and smoothing it out, just need to glue it on (waiting until I can decide how the balance is planned, as I may add some weight in the cockpit rear).

Other than that, just waiting for my 4S batteries to show up, glue the canopy, and I'm flying!!! :D

Pix below...


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