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#1 theK2 Apr 07, 2012 11:04 PM

The demise of the SA CAP 232 (s600)
Just realized I never posted what happened to my StevensAero Park Cap. Took it and the TREX 450 to the anniversary event at the AMA Headquarters in Muncie in June 2011 -- seen here on the main flight line:

KE Pass


Leaving the flight line:


Not two weeks after that event, I was flying back home with a friend in the morning (I always fly in the afternoon) and the sun was in an unusual spot for me at this particular location. I went to do a transition from canopy in to canopy out KE and lost the CAP in the sun for a split second. I was sun blinded and the next thing I see - it's heading for the ground. Still blinded, it looked like it was canopy up so I pulled full elevator and gave full throttle... unfortunately it was canopy down. Augered it from about 20 feet.

Here was the remains:


Kind of a bummer but I got a lot of good flights out of that little bird and have since moved up into the 48" range and really enjoy the added stability of the larger spans. Looking back through the blog though makes me miss this little park flyer. It was perfect for the neighborhood and was decently aerobatic for its size.


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