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#1 FlybyPDX Apr 07, 2012 05:36 AM

First two flights on Stryker F-27Q
3 words: Wings are awesome!

Got my stryker and charged up the batteries. I was super excited so the first place I could find was a muddy field. :) I don't regret it! First 2 throws (attempts) she does belly flops in the hard packed dirt. A little more thruster (50%) and she was off on the third try. Did a few laps, lops, rolls and then let er' rip up into the sky! WOW! That scream was exactly what I was looking for with no mods! How fast can I get this thing going?

After I went home and washed off all the mud I went to my local state park that has a real big grassy field with a small hill that looks down upon the area. Flying here I was really able to get the speeds up for longer periods of time. I love going real high and gliding down just as much as the high speeds. There has to be some way to build a mechanical wing extension to create high tech lift for soaring with this bird. What about a small drogue parachute that can be deployed and retracted at a certain speed?

Anyways this plane is just as much fun as my former GWS Formosa. Now if I can just get that darn nose cone to stay on. LOL

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