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#1 StayQuiet Mar 31, 2012 09:27 AM

Demi Duster Electric - part 18 - a different approach
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Attacking the problem of the canopy forming in a different way. (BTW, I haven't given up on the vacuum forming - yet. The shop vac only pulls about 5" of vacuum. I'm working on a two stage vacuum source using an old A/C system evacuation pump, capable of pulling 26" of vacuum, and a large air tank to store a vacuum supply. Opening a quick release valve to the table when the heated plastic is applied, and hitting it with 26" of vacuum should pull just about anything down.)

For now, however, I'm making up a canopy from 0.040" Lexan sheet, cutting it in pieces and bonding it together with Lexan cement, then gluing the assembly to the plane with some canopy glue. I've worked up a cardboard mockup of the pieces, since the cardboard is almost the same thickness as the Lexan sheet.

I also built a cowl for the nose, which houses some lead weight required to obtain the correct CG.

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