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#1 JDFiend Mar 29, 2012 11:55 PM

What's up at XHeli?
What's going on at XHeli? I haven't been to the site in quite awhile (snowy winter here!) XHeli used to be the best place online for new helis and replacement-upgrade parts. Right now they are Out of stock on almost EVERYTHING! No E-Sky Stuff, No Exceed stuff, Limited EXI stuff... They don't even have the Exceed/EXI Genesis or Legend helis or parts anymore; what the Hell?

About the only thing they do have are those cheapie Mall copters; Syma and DoubleHorse. (I just ordered a DoubleHorse Volitation since it was only $35 with coupon code, LOL) I thought it would be fun to modify while I'm waiting for nice weather.

Is XHeli getting a new shipment of copters soon, or are they going to stop carrying all of the brands that they used to have? How do they stay in business with nothing to sell?

Has anyone heard anything?

#2 penz83 Mar 30, 2012 08:58 AM

My guess is it's the manufacturers not keeping up with demand.

Sometimes If something is out of stock on xheli it may be in stock at nitroplanes or hobbypartz, they all under the same ownership I think.

#3 stingeragents Mar 30, 2012 10:26 AM

I too have noticed this. Over the years its been kind of the problem with those 3 sites. Same thing with lipos and servos. They'll have them for a while then stay out of stock forever. Blue liposuction for instance. Their also bad with edf planes. Exceed used to sell great priced eds planes. Then like a year later they were no more. Perhaps they aren't cost effective for the manufacturer and stop. making them. They had finally replaced exi servos with solar ones but now the solar ones are just about all gone.

#4 tom4416 Mar 30, 2012 04:28 PM

I'd be happy just to get the courtesy of a reply to an email about stock but apparently they cannot be bothered.

#5 penz83 Mar 30, 2012 04:49 PM

They are not a major company like Amain or tower, their customer service lacks. They sell more affordable parts but their stock is not always kept up.

For example they are the only ones I know who sell tacon motors, and man I know a handful of motors that have been out of stock for months!... What's up with that, is tacon out of business? If so discontinue their products.

It's like they get stuff in and put it on their site, but when the inventory is gone there is no telling when or if it will get replenished...

But for some of the deals they have on stuff you just kinda got to take it for what it is...a discount hobby shop.

#6 Username> Mar 30, 2012 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by tom4416 (Post 21189887)
I'd be happy just to get the courtesy of a reply to an email about stock but apparently they cannot be bothered.

Probably because Tony spends the vast majority of His time posting here or fannying around test flying and uploading youtube clips.

I once sent an eMail and it took over a Week to get a reply, and the reply was only half baked.

I don't order from the US much at all due to customs charges, but when I do, I order from Clubheli. Rick, the owner, is a great Guy and can achieve an eMail response same day.

#7 Balr14 Mar 30, 2012 05:59 PM

To a large degree, the market is shifting. Walkera introduces new models at a racehorse pace, but leaves the old models behind; making it hard for a reseller to guess which products to buy and which parts to stock. ESky is all but gone and they always had a steady product line. Exceed is nothing but rebadged out-of-date Walkera models and a lot of consumers are getting wise to that. EFlight is much more active and producing much more desireable products than they ever have before; but you can get them at the LHS for about the same as online. The Trex clone market has become quite saturated and they are available all over the place; undercutting the market for the early better quality clones. Chinese vendors are recycling the old designs, the bigger vendors no longer use at dime store prices. Hobby King has become a major player where they used to just sell electronic parts.

It kind of makes you wonder where we will be in 2 or 3 years, which products are safe to buy, because they will still be supported.

#8 eagle777 Mar 30, 2012 10:00 PM

I always thought these were great deals for a helicopter to learn on. Heh, I'm still using this stuff:


If they get more Blue Lipos in one of these months, I'll be happy. Not sure if that will happen.

#9 eagle777 Mar 30, 2012 11:19 PM

The EXI v2 frame is really strong and tight. I have two spares, and haven't had to use them for the past year. I've just had to change the main bearing when I crash.
The head and tail are great also. I've gotten to inverted flight with them.

I wish I was as good as the better pilots here, but I just crash the :censored: out of my stuff when learning new things. I'm glad there is a US retailer to feed me parts. I wonder how people can never crash. I do learn new stuff with gusto though :)

#10 arbilab Mar 30, 2012 11:28 PM

Xheli's catalog has been 90% out of stock for as long as I've been looking there. Still managed to buy a few items but you sure can't count on them.

#11 shahram72 Mar 31, 2012 07:06 AM

When I started this hobby, I thought that xheli was great, got my first helis, a Syma S107 and a Big Lama. They are out of stock way too much, not a viable store in my opinion. You can't make money when you don't have any stock to sell. And now I'm out of the RTF stage so they don't have much for me. I get my stuff from HobbyKing, they have better stock and their's is pretty bad as well, but at least their stuff comes back while Xhelis stays out of stock till months or never.

#12 UJToys Mar 31, 2012 12:37 PM

ujtoys.com is going to carry wide range of hobby products soon. you can follow

#13 UJToys Mar 31, 2012 12:38 PM

you can talk to us anytime you want adn we re open any comment and improvement at www.ujtoys.com

#14 Oracus Mar 31, 2012 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by JDFiend (Post 21183485)
They don't even have the Exceed/EXI Genesis or Legend helis or parts anymore; what the Hell?

I just checked for myself and could only find a hand full of EXI parts out of stock and all EXI helis are in stock.

#15 Xseeker Mar 31, 2012 03:21 PM

I've mostly givin up on xheli, I still check for what I want. But if their out of stock I just hit wowhobbies, helidirect and of course hobbyking for v400 parts.

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