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#1 pabo1 Mar 27, 2012 03:43 PM

Replacement prop for HobbyKing Durafly P-51
I am looking for a replacement prop for my HobbyKing Durafly P-51 1100mm. The original one is almost always out of stock so I would really appriciate if someone can recommend some other prop that will work.

#2 mondo1948 Mar 27, 2012 07:08 PM

Rather than starting a whole new thread, which is what you did, you should post your question in the thread on the Durafly plane, where there are guys subscribed to the thread who will see your question and can respond to it.

Of course, the first thing you should do is find the thread for the Durafly plane and look through it, because I'm sure others have already answered your question.


#3 pabo1 Mar 28, 2012 12:56 PM

Sorry for this! I am new to the forum so I am still learning the Netiquette.

#4 Tom Hunt Mar 28, 2012 01:07 PM

if you have not found the thread yet... it is here

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