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#1 StayQuiet Mar 24, 2012 02:42 PM

Demi Duster Electric - part 16 - nearing completion
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Covering went more quickly than expected. I changed up my scheme from all all-white fuselage, and went with the orange upper surfaces to blend in with the tail feathers.

I still have to make the canopy :mad: and finish the cockpit area, install control horns on the elevator and rudder, and finish connecting the control linkage. My wife is working on the graphics with some black trim sheet material. I'll paint the firewall as well.

The opening above the motor allows air into the fuselage, over the battery and ESC. Air travels over the wing and exits a hole in the bottom of the fuse just aft of the wing mount. Behind that is an access hatch for the receiver, so the aileron servo can be plugged in.

This is one bird I'll be proud to bring to the field. Built from plans, redrawn in CAD, laser cut and assembled. I hope it flys as well as I hope it will!

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