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#1 SkyCadet Mar 23, 2012 09:29 PM

Prop painting, test fit on Tru-Turn spinner...
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I just finished painting the prop. Just put it on lightly to test fit everything.

Looks great, I think...

Tru-Turn 2.25" spinner, MAS 12x6x3-blade. Standard spinner, electric conversion kit to mate to a 5mm shaft with collet. Painted gloss black on spinner, yellow on cup for cool effect! :cool:


#2 Thrawn150 Apr 20, 2012 10:21 AM

lookes great how did you paint it? I am getting a 4 blade prop for me e con P-51 1.50 and want to paint it black with yellow tips.

#3 SkyCadet Apr 21, 2012 01:09 AM

I am sorry about my delay in replying! Just finishing my Pitts 12 - she's ready to fly!

I used yellow rustoleum - my prop was already black, so I used paint mask tape (finishing tape used in automotive shops) around the blade portion and then masking tape and thin rolled paper to mask the inner blade portion of the prop.

I then did a light coat first, and then a second coat about 1h later. Left dry over night, and then removed the masking stuff. One of my tips had a small blemish, and I used lighter fluid on a Qtip to carefully remove the little extra that crawled underneath the masking tape (paint mask) - it was only 1mm x 0.3mm or so, but I wanted it clean.

I then used a fine grit sanding stick to smooth the finish at and near the tips - just lightly sand the area so not to remove the paint - you just want a smooth finger feel.

Hope this helps! Send me a pic of your finished prop when you do it, and feel free to ask any Qs if I was unclear.


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