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        Sold Drill baby Drill with these 25" drill bits for the modeler in 3 sizes!!!

#1 unclegeorge Mar 23, 2012 09:08 AM

Drill baby Drill with these 25" drill bits for the modeler in 3 sizes!!!
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These bits are great useful bits and everyone that has order a set, raves about them. Why haven't you ordered yours yet?

These 25" long drill bits are great for the modeler. 1/8", 5/32" and 1/4" sizes included.

You can use the 5/32" bit, same size as a nyrod, to drill from you engine through two or three firewalls right to you servo for perfect aligment for your red nyrods. Or---drill the length of your wing into a servo opening for your servo lead with the 1/4" bit. Also you can drill from the tail of your plan forward for push rods.

Get the extra length needed for boring jobs where standard length bits won't reach. Made of polished alloy steel with 118° points.

I have sold lots of these at swap meets for $14 and $7 for shipping for a total of $21 and everyone loves them.

You only have to use them one time and you will thank me.

Please indicate in Pay Pal that you want the "Small Bits" in the subject line of Pay Pay.

We now have large bits avaliable too! See my other ad.
Please give me your mailing address and please refer to the item you are buying in the “Subject line” along with your mailing address in your Pay Pal purchase. My account in Pay Pal is under uncgeorge@comcast.net

Uncle George

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