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#1 DismayingObservation Mar 08, 2012 08:30 PM

Ignoring advice. Again.
It would seem that I was born with a bit of an ornery streak. :cool:

When I was a kid, I remember my teachers complaining about how I wouldn't follow directions. Drove my folks nuts, too.

Time, maturity and wisdom have made me a much better Do-Bee, thanks.

Or not.

I am, against all professional advice from a team-sponsored R/C helicopter pilot, resurrecting a real monstrosity.

I learned to fly helis on an E-flite Blade CP, one of the first ever. I still have what was a dusty, unused carcass now being converted back to a helicopter. Blade CP's don't stay factory original for long. There isn't an original part left on the thing except for two of the S75 analog servos.

A couple of years ago, I tried a conversion I'd found online, namely that of a GWS tail motor to replace the geared micro motor. Think of it as a poor man's CP Pro.

Worked great...for about fifteen seconds. Motor went blooey, helicopter pirouetted in. So, I bought a Blade SR tail motor, prop and assorted hardware.

Nope. That motor spun too fast for the old 4-in-1 module and I think I may have burned out the module during the attempt.

What I was left with was an airframe with a lot of new parts, lightly flown parts and aftermarket upgrades, including a new canopy, a rebuilt Bell-Hiller head, a brushless main motor operated through an interface hooked into the stock 4-in-1 and one of the first ever sets of SuperSkids. I even upgraded it with an aluminum swashplate along the way.

This little Walkera-based eggbeater is a spindly little thing. Somehow, I didn't remember it being quite so, well, tiny. While the HK 450TT Pro I reviewed for RCGroups is a study in carbon fiber and machined alloy and its cousin, my Blade 400 is a study in composites and aluminum, some of the CP is little more than carbon fiber rods retained with bits of silicone tubing.

R/C helicopters, it seems, have come a long way since the mid 2000s.

I asked my friend the team pilot if he had some micro components he wasn't using and whether or not I should try and rebuild the thing.

He told me that I shouldn't waste my money.


For about two days.

Long story short: I just picked up a good used 2-in-1 off eBay for ten bucks. A used transmitter is on its way for about the price of replacement blades; I'm out of model allotments on my DX6i. A new HobbyKing HK401B gyro was ordered last night (about fifteen bucks with shipping) and I have a spare, unused Orange Rx receiver waiting to go in.

We'll see whether or not this CP/SR Frankenstein will fly once all the components arrive. Cross your fingers!

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