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#1 pyrojets Mar 08, 2012 07:57 AM

Mikrocopter quadcopter video competition
Hi all, I recently made a two minute video on the mikrocopter 550mm quadcopter and its great handling capabilities and have used it to enter into a video contest. The video contest is part of the main event, titled SAFMC which is quite a big event in Singapore. I will be in category D where I will have to use a semi-autonomous aircraft to fly through obstacles, dropping of a ball and recognising numbers from a elevated platform, all by FPV( have attached a link below if you would like to read more about it). The video with the highest likes will win the best video award. I would be extremely thankful if you could help me out by liking the video if you enjoyed it. Thank you!

Team HawxVision (CAT D) - Temasek Polytechnic (Latest) (1 min 52 sec)

Here is the link to the organiser's website: http://www.dsoamazingcompetitions.com.sg/safmc/home.php
The video competition ends on the 15th of March.

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