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#1 TDboy Mar 06, 2012 03:34 PM

Dymond D47 servo, Which version do you have on hand, how can you tell???
Just wanted to run this by you guys first, I just ordered some D47 power servos and I wanted to know if there was a way to tell which version of servo I have... are there some markings between the D47 speed versus the D47 power version that I can validate to make sure I didn't get a the wrong version? Does anyone know of any markings or can include a picture to tell them apart?

Reason why I'm asking, the box the servo came is has markings indicating the torque is rated at 15.2 and speed is at 0.18 sec, according to the Dymond USA ad;

D47S speed should be torque at 16 and speed at 0.08
D47P power should be torque at 20 and speed at 0.14

Just want to make sure I got the correct servo version that I was hoping to get... any help would be appreciated.


#2 demick Mar 06, 2012 04:10 PM

Speed version is marked D47S. Power is just marked as D47. (I'm talking about the label on the side of the servo).

#3 TDboy Mar 06, 2012 04:43 PM

thanks for the quick reply.
Thanks for clearing that up for me! Looks like I'm good to go!.

#4 MuscleCBT Apr 20, 2012 07:22 PM

and...does anybody know what the max voltage should be..
for the D-47 power..? 5 volts? 6 volts? Unregulated 2 cell lipos...or will that just cook it? Thanks!

#5 pmackenzie Apr 20, 2012 10:05 PM

D47 are rated up to 9.6 volts, it is right on the box.
2S lipo unregulated is no problem, I have used lots of them in indoor foamies on 2S direct.

Pat MacKenzie

#6 xbted Apr 21, 2012 02:26 AM

I'll second the unregulated voltage also. Using unregulated D47s in the fuse, and unregulated D60s in the wings!

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