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#1 E-reevo Feb 26, 2012 10:19 PM

Hobbypartz Optima 400 Compared to E-flite 400?
Is there much difference in between these that I missed?


#2 E-reevo Feb 27, 2012 06:07 PM


#3 E-reevo Feb 28, 2012 12:49 AM


#4 Dr Kiwi Feb 28, 2012 06:58 AM

The E-flite has more believable specs: 13A burst for its maximum is more realistic than the 28A for the Topband/Optima... that said, I've tested quite a few other Topband motors and they are pretty well made... keep the Optima 400 to about 150W and it will be okay.

#5 E-reevo Feb 28, 2012 08:20 PM

I would be putting it in a Slow Stick, I just wanted to try and keep it as light as possible.

#6 Dr Kiwi Feb 29, 2012 07:12 PM

For 3s, I'd start with 9x5 GWS HD... then 10x6 GWS HD... check the amp draw but you might even get away with 11x7 GWS HD... that's what I use with my SlowStick using an AXI 2212/34... but then again I only draw ~10A because my AXI is only ~740Kv.

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