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#1 GiusedtoBe Feb 20, 2012 12:42 AM

FMS Bf-109 E
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This is the plane that did not sell well and was scoffed at as a "toy" by many. (aren't they all?) Anyway it certainly was not the most accurate scale model of a 109 E but also much much better than some of the "stand off" scale planes of the past. I incorporated some minor mods; Trimmed the rudder, modified the stock spinner, fabricated a more scale intake, Gave the goofy pilot a minor makeover and fabbed some exhaust covers. I could not bring myself to attempt to move the gear inboard. Too much work for a flawed plane IMO. Flew her twice so far and I absolutely love the way this thing flies. Required virtually no trim adjustments.


#2 GiusedtoBe Feb 09, 2014 08:39 AM

Well this bird has survived two years of my flying and really is faultless in the air. I have addressed some of the scale deficiencies and never planned to do any more but its such a good plane I decided it was worth the challenge. When I build up the mental energy she will come into the shop for:

-Reshaped rudder and vertical stab
-New more scale tailwheel (if I can get the one from the PZ 109 to work)
- Landing gear moved inboard to scale location or close and FMS 109F struts and wheels.

Another thing that has me excited about this is the new Dynam Bf-110 hopefully will have scale spinner which may solve that problem for my 109.

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