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#1 killbucket Feb 19, 2012 02:07 PM

More Beefy G.
I decided that my little BB-gun project needed some good old Killbucket Over-the-Top-ness.
Coaxial Mini-gun, that should do it.

The teeny-tiny M134 Mini-gun is only 3" in diameter, and is powered by a cut-down cordless drill motor and planetary transmission. More on this detachable puppy later. It's here for a good reason, you'll see.

Fat butt picture. The butt is really big and fat, almost obscenely so. This girl has really got back.
You can stuff four RC truck batteries into her easily.

The equally-thick mid-section has a sliding cover that will be spring-loaded so it snaps shut like a bolt closing. Talk about elbow grease on this one. Here you can see the process, sand and fill, wait overnight for the fill to harden. It's worth the extra time and work, the finished structure of the DOOM Gun will be all ONE material, no way for the molding to ever crack or come loose.

Easily the strongest thing I have ever designed, the custom butt-stock is fully tabbed and inter-locking like a puzzle. Every bond joint is in 3 dimensions for ultimate strength.
This thirty-pound sculpture will be fully skirmishable, if I can find somebody large enough to give it to.

Yes- I am going to just HAND this to somebody...

My Super DOOM Gun is a staggering 35" long, and well over twenty pounds already. "Massive" does not convey the feel of hefting it. I can't even point it at my TV, for fear of vaporising it! It REALLY feels formidable.

Well, at the very least, it would make a great improvised obstacle.

So much more work I GET to do on this, and that's what it's all about. The DOING.

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