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        Wanted Wanted: High Capacity/High C 4s lipo or TWO 2s

#1 GeetarJoe Feb 15, 2012 02:24 PM

Wanted: High Capacity/High C 4s lipo or TWO 2s
I need TWO 2S lipos or one 4s to power my starter motor. preferably +2000 mah, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20C+. let me know what you have. :)

#2 3d astronaut Feb 15, 2012 07:19 PM

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I have a starmax 20c 2200mah 4s that I have used literally one time, then put it at storage voltage,then ran it through a cycle, then storage voltage again. I have had it for about 2 months now? $15 shipped? Or I would gladly trade you for this if you happen to have it or can pick one up in your area, they are sold out here: http://www.e-fliterc.com/Products/De...odID=EFLA700UM

#3 GeetarJoe Feb 17, 2012 11:21 AM

I need your paypal info. :)

#4 GeetarJoe Feb 18, 2012 12:26 PM

Still looking!!!

#5 3d astronaut Feb 18, 2012 12:34 PM

I feel horrible lol. I figured it was fine, since I hadnt used it and cycled it a few times. Soo glad I checked it before shipping! Someone find this guy a battery!

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