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#1 mikeb33 Oct 31, 2001 08:23 PM

How to convert from fuel to electric
I have a Aveox 1010 2Y motor that I need to find a home for. I like the look of an Thunder Tiger P51 lazy flier. http://www.acehobby.com/products/air...r51/index.html
This is a .25 sized IC plane and I think the Aveox would work great with a gearbox. I know it will be on me to fashion a motor mount and such, I've just never done it before. Would the battery pack be placed where the fuel tank should be? Would the battery pack(probably CP1700SCRX8) and motor be heavier than a .25 engine and tank of fuel? The plane expects standard radio and servos, but would it wise to use lightweight stuff?

Any other ideas from people that have converted to electric?



#2 mikeb33 Oct 31, 2001 09:12 PM

I started to research and answer one of my own questons. It seems the Aveox 101 2Y with gearbox and CP1700SCR X8 pack would weight about 20OZ.
A OS .25 FX w/muffler is about 11 OZ, a throttle servo 2OZ, and that leaves the fuel tank. maybe and ounce or 2. Close enough?


#3 dave_lilley Oct 31, 2001 09:19 PM

I would post/move this in Sport planes. The guys that hang out there should be able to answer your question.

#4 mikeb33 Nov 01, 2001 06:16 AM

Thanks, I just poeted over there.

Don't you other guys be shy if you have some insight anyway,


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