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#1 Hover or die Jan 30, 2012 09:02 AM

1/10 F/A-22 Raptor
OK,here goes...
I am now ready to restart this build with the knowledge I have gained here over the last year or so...The first attempt was a blown up modified Jetsett plan.
After a long search I have located a much more complex plan that will give me the shape and ducts I am looking for..I will be modifying these drawings to suit my build style and the hardware I plan to use in this build..
For those of you looking to build a Raptor you can go many many routes but I will post the link to the Autocad Drawings I am using to produce my parts..I do not have access to a CNC lser cutter so I am cutting the parts by haand with various tools..
Since I know the plane fairly well I just blow up the fan bulkhead until I reach the size fuselage I aam looking for and then just trace the parts to paper and use the templates to cutout the material of choice for a particular part..

I will be using plywood,balsa,3,6,9 mil depron,blue or pink 2" foam and fiberglass/epoxy...Plan on doing the ducts the proper way this round for an effecient thrust system.. lenth 62"/width 44"

Right now I am leaning toward dual 80mm fans...6 or 8 s per unit..Retracts/doors,flaps/slats,I'm planning the works for this build and do not plan to rush anything..I have plenty of stuff to fly and will take my time with this build as I plan to do the best I can with my limited skills...

I want to thaank all of you that have helped me along the way with my learning curve building aircraft from scratch..Frank40 and LuvEvolution have been great members helping me with all the crazy questions I have had and getting me pointed into the wind so to speak...THANKS

Here is a link to the thread that I obtained the plans through..The member is Nem3 and he only ask that you read the thread before asking for plans,ect...They are in the thread..Also must be able to read autocad files...I downloaded the 30 day free trial from autocad so I could see the plans..(I just blew them to my preferred scale and traced them out)..

My cam is on the blink and will buy a new one over the next day or so and start adding pics to the thread..I will document the whole process in detail....Thanks for visiting!!

Take care all....................................Chris

#2 Janusz Jawien Jan 31, 2012 09:49 PM


#3 Waltjg Jan 31, 2012 10:07 PM

Looking forward to this Chris!!!! It should be great! w.

#4 smkn951 Jan 31, 2012 11:08 PM

adversary for CN and falcon5's t-38s.....MWAHAHAHHA!

#5 Hover or die Feb 01, 2012 09:11 AM

I am a litle on the small side to be doing any dogfighting with those big birds...LOL...Although they would have to get me with cannon as they could never get a lock on me..:D not sure if those trainers were weapon- less or not...Beautiful big birds they are!!!

Thanks for popping in..I am going to do my best on this one friend!!
I have the first 4 bulkheads cut out of 1/16" birch plywood..will probably laminate these to depron for more area to mold and glue the skins to...Taking my time and doing these right..Sanding to perfect shape..Also have the top and bottom "spines" cut and laminated from 2 layers of 1/16..They had to be pieced together and the laminating of the 2 took care of this...Looks sharp though and picked up some bigger pieces of ply to do some of the critical bulkheads...This is going to be a sharp bird.....................Take care...........................Chris

#6 LuvEvolution7 Feb 01, 2012 10:43 PM


one hundred million percent subbed. :D

what size will this plane be? 80mm is a good size fan, but perhaps 90mm might be a better way to go. it all depends what you want. do you want a higher Amp/lower Voltage speed demon, or do you want a lower Amp/higher Voltage everyday flier? 90mm is a great choice for the latter of those two choices. more thrust can be made on less power for the application, which means longer flight times. another advantage to bigger fans, is a slightly larger model, which lowers wing loading. there's pros and cons to both of course, but just thought I'de point a few out that sprang to mind. LOL. :)


#7 VIDEOPRO Feb 02, 2012 03:59 PM

Awesome Chris. I am currently working on my plans for a twin 90mm F-22. Right now my plans are drawn up to a 55" WS and 76" length. Have purchased the small 1/48 scale plastic kit from "Hasegawa". Great detail and a great reference for scaling the model. Used a contour gage on the plastic kit to get the shape just right. The wing is what I really wanted it for. I plan to try to get the wing shape true to the real bird. The wings on the real bird have a slight change of angle to the trailing edge right at the aileron and flap section. The wings also angle down slightly from the fuelage. I am working on my ideas for the retracts at this time. My plans are to have them retract up into the wing like the real one. Have plans drawn up for them I just need to do a test build of them to make sure they will hold up. I want to get them figured out before I start my build. Looking forward to watching your build and I will post my build thread here for you as well.

#8 VIDEOPRO Feb 02, 2012 04:00 PM

I forgot to include this link for you as it is a great walk around of the F-22.


#9 LuvEvolution7 Feb 02, 2012 11:25 PM

I thought the mains retracted into the fuselage, not the wing!? hmmmmmmmm. :)

#10 Hover or die Feb 03, 2012 09:06 AM

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Hey Rich,yes,,I am still undecided on the fans and will not cut the centers out of the duct or fan formers until I decide..On the retracts,,I think they kinda go up in the fuselage(linkage) and the wheel lays flat somewhere around the wings root I think..LOL..

Hey friend,thanks for stopping in and the link is incredible for nice still shots of hard to observe places..Very imformative..
I have links for many shows on the Raptor,ect..
Great Planes episodes and Modern Marvels..Also secrets of future airpower and
Extreme aircraft 1 and 2..all on you tube and show great Raptor flight footage some you see nowhere else..
Finally went and got a new cam for builds and videos..No excuses now...lol..

Here's a few front bulkheads,spines and part templates,ect...

#11 frank40 Feb 03, 2012 12:51 PM

Hi Chris

It is looking real good, I will be following your build for sure with great interest. Sorry that I couldn't help you with your clamshell air breaks, but if I thinks of a smart solution you will the first to know;)

Take care

#12 Hover or die Feb 07, 2012 05:15 PM

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Hey Frank!
Man I am hyped to get this plane going but life hs been getting me and my time..lol...Little girl turned 5 tody so it has been a good day for her..

I have a pic or 3 of a little bulkhead work..I did most of the front stuff in the 1/16 ply that will be lam'd to 6 or 9 mil depron..Picked up some basswood strips for under the battery box structure to spread out the load across a long span..
Need to locate a landing gear that will work for my appRight now leaning towards a pair on stumax 80mm fans on 6 or 8s..Thunder power 6s's will fit easily (2 packs slid in fore and 2 to the aft of the batt box)and need to check the dual 4 cell packs(2 fore,2 aft) for space to make sure...
I like the look of those new 80's..Under 10 lbs and it should be a flat out bullet..
Picking up a sheet of 2" blue stuff in the morning to start my ducts..This will be the true challenge for me and I plan to do my best..I have lots and lots of fiberglass work to my credit(bbuilt my own grouper/snapper boat from a 33' navy hull and ran it for 15 years..went through 55 gallon drum of polyester resin..lol)but nothing light and very little with west system(which is what I am planning to pick up in the morn..
More to come....
I found a gear set to use..

#13 1stfoot Feb 08, 2012 01:12 AM


I'm also building an F22 from Nem's plans, just wondering what retracts you are planning to use and are you going to modify the fuselage to accommodate them?



#14 Hover or die Feb 08, 2012 07:21 AM

I have been looking at a couple of different gears from Shulman Aviation..They have an upgrade for the eflite F4 for grass fields that has thick mains that look similar to the scale gears(short and fat)(mains)..Looking at 2 different gears from shulman right now..
not a final decision but looking this way..

#15 Keenan smith Feb 09, 2012 11:27 AM

subbed up :D

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