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#1 Bro Jan 18, 2012 11:15 AM

Pike Perfection
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Well the cat's out of the bag.. :D
Here are some pics of the new Samba Pike Perfection for F3J.
Looks very promising! Hope to see the first models in USA in 90 days or so.
I am sure Samba will not disappoint, our partners the Vostrels never do!
There will be more information available soon, but this is the "teaser" version.

Please direct any questions to me directly;

Happy New Year!

#2 Silent-AV8R Jan 18, 2012 11:29 AM

Looks cool. Sort of interesting how design planforms are converging on the Supra/Icon design.

60 to 70 ounces AUW. Does it come with de-icing equipment and is it approved for flight into known icing conditions? I mean seriously, who flies in SNOW??

#3 Avaldes Jan 18, 2012 11:50 AM

You mean Supra? The Maxa has a std cruciform tail.

#4 Silent-AV8R Jan 18, 2012 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by Avaldes (Post 20462197)
You mean Supra? The Maxa has a std cruciform tail.

Oops. My bad.

#5 Tuomo Jan 18, 2012 01:42 PM

The 3-view says "Pike Perfect - new version". What is the relation between Perfect and Perfection?

Very nice looking plane ;)

#6 Francesco Jan 18, 2012 01:47 PM

Does it look prestige-ous to me alone? ;)

#7 Big Browns Jan 18, 2012 01:53 PM

I wonder why they did away with having a singe center section? Might be stronger or parts might be a little cheaper. Intresting design. Ugly collor! Looks a little like the Prestige.


#8 Tuomo Jan 18, 2012 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by Tuomo (Post 20463222)
The 3-view says "Pike Perfect - new version". What is the relation between Perfect and Perfection?

Take note - now the 3-view is changed to "Perfection" :D

#9 Francesco Jan 18, 2012 02:43 PM


Originally Posted by Tuomo (Post 20463778)
Take note - now the 3-view is changed to "Perfection" :D


#10 Radian Jan 18, 2012 02:49 PM

Why not a three piece wing?
Why would they move away from a three piece wing?

To me this doesn't make sense. Also because it IS a 2 piece wing... It's something I would not purchase.



#11 R.M. Gellart Jan 18, 2012 02:59 PM

Wow Radian, that is a pretty obtuthe statement when you know nothing about what went into the decisions about this ship. And speaking of Samba, I have no reason to doubt that Samba has reasons, very good ones, why this was done. I guess when biplanes went to monoplanes you would have said, "not me, only one wing..."

And we wonder why we are like we are!

#12 jojoen Jan 18, 2012 03:20 PM

Hi guys!
After releasing the Precision F3B/F we realized there is a lot of potential in making a 2 piece wing. This has to do with how you manufacture it. The Precision is very light compared to strength or maybe very strong compared to how light an F3B model needs to be.
So a few of the reasons:
- Lighter tips = easier to circle and less aileron/rudder input needed.
- Stronger wings with lighter layup of spar since all rowings are in one piece and no joints needed with joiners, pins, endcaps, , servo plugs, etc.
- One less part to manufacture
- Easy access to ballast in wings that have always been prefered (more power for elevator and less weight shifting in the pull-up of a ping (top/bottom part zoom).

There is only one downside and that is a few centimeters extra flight boxes for those that built them exactly to the perfect. But as you see they are not that much longer (than the old fuse) so boxes are still not too long for travelling.

Pushing the weights have been a major thing last years and it is not possible with the old design if we want models to fly in most conditions. We dont want pilots to have to buy 2-3 different planes just to end up with a SL in the finals because the other planes broke in a mid-air.

And yes the tail part is very much a design study of Philip and his mates Prestige. Big cudo to them that pushed this development a big step forward. The Prestige is a marvelous plane. But I think the Perfection is more the way I wanted it.

Regards Jojo

#13 jjc Jan 18, 2012 04:22 PM

I like it!!!!! John

#14 Shedofdread Jan 18, 2012 05:01 PM

Only one problem as I see it; what do you call the improved version? ;)

#15 jojoen Jan 18, 2012 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by Shedofdread (Post 20465210)
Only one problem as I see it; what do you call the improved version? ;)


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