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        Sold Price drop + servo replaced!Walkera 4G6S + 2801 Pro + Parts Parts and more Parts! :-)

#1 sia100 Jan 08, 2012 06:27 PM

Price drop + servo replaced!Walkera 4G6S + 2801 Pro + Parts Parts and more Parts! :-)
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Update: Ordered and installed replacement servo, heli is now flying again!

Also...price drop of $25! plus am including shipping. So, $275 for working unit plus a ton of parts, includes shipping! Here is a vid of the heli hovering last night after my gf and I finished doing maintenance and servo install:


Last year I decided to buy a second heli (flying my Trex 450 for about three years now) that was small enough for indoor flight, but ready out of the box for aggressive sport flying outdoors, and ready for a motor upgrade once I got the hang of it. After much research, I purchased the Walkera 4G6S from WOW Hobbies. I also bought the upgrade motor and spare parts. It ended up being a good match for my given goals.

Reasons I'm selling: I've recently caught the multicopter bug, and this little guy is not getting any time from me. I never really flew it much (Maybe a dozen flights). Also, I didn't consider how the smaller frame and parts sizes (those tiny screws! :-) would affect my ability to work on a heli in this class. But my big hands just aren't as well-suited for this as they are the rex (which doesn't have a lot of room to work with itself).

I'm leaving the following information here for reference, but it no longer applies since the servo has been replaced and the heli is flying again: "The last time I flew it I had a blade strike, and I think I shot one of the swash servos. Either that or the tinkering I was doing with the transmitter settings resulted in a wrong setting somewhere. Now that servo either doesn't respond at all, or gets jittery, depending on I don't know what :-) The motor, lipos, rx, tx, heli frame, boom, main and tail rotor assemblies, tail rotor gear, etc all look and work great (well, it might be time to replace the main gear, with one of the two spares that are included)." UPDATE: Servo replaced and heli is flying again! See latest video above.

I'm listing all of the parts that come as part of this package below, with the line item totals for their current going price at WOW Hobbies. Here are pics:





Note: all items below are new and in original packaging, unless otherwise specified. The new lipos were purchased from WOW on Dec 13, 2011 and are still in their original packaging. Never charged or used.

1 Complete 4G6S RTF in original box, including 2801 Pro transmitter and both manuals in excellent condition. Flown a dozen or so times. http://www.wowhobbies.com/walkera4g6...orlowe-26.aspx $289.95
4 extra lipos (5 total, 2 have never been charged or used) http://www.wowhobbies.com/hm-4g3-z-3...4g3-1-1-2.aspx $31.80
1 71318 motor (never installed) http://www.wowhobbies.com/turboace71...g6sand4g6.aspx $42.95
4 pair carbon fiber blades (2 never used) http://www.wowhobbies.com/hm-4g3-z-0...or4g3-1-2.aspx $35.80
2 pair regular blades (1 never used) http://www.wowhobbies.com/hm-4g3-z-0...sfor4g3-3.aspx $9.30
1 head block http://www.wowhobbies.com/hm-4g6-z-0...cp-madein.aspx $32.95
1 pair head block o-rings http://www.wowhobbies.com/hm-4g6-z-0...125cphead.aspx $1.05
2 main gear http://www.wowhobbies.com/hm-4g6-z-1...alkera4g6.aspx $10.00
1 bearing set http://www.wowhobbies.com/hm-4g6-z-3...alkera4g6.aspx $8.00
5 feathering shaft http://www.wowhobbies.com/hm-4g3-z-1...aftfor4g3.aspx $12.50
6 screw sets (4 unopened) http://www.wowhobbies.com/hm-4g6-z-3...alkera4g6.aspx $15.00
1 blue/black canopy set http://www.wowhobbies.com/miacanopy-...kera4g6-2.aspx $12.99
1 swashplate http://www.wowhobbies.com/hm-4g3-z-3...talfor4g3.aspx $11.95

Total purchase cost: $514.24
$275 shipped conus! Also may consider trading/adjusting price for a full-featured lipo charger.

Questions are welcome. I can post specific pics of any items.

Here is a vid of the twitchy aileron servo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDfe7PLTbQA

Here is the newest vid, after servo replacement. Hovering nicely!


PM offers...

#2 03svtsnakevert Jan 08, 2012 07:26 PM

where you located?

#3 sia100 Jan 08, 2012 08:11 PM


#4 mmdewitt Jan 25, 2012 12:28 AM

Do you still have the transmitter? Thanks!! Gerald

#5 sia100 Jan 25, 2012 12:48 PM

Hi Gerald. Yes, I do.

I would like to sell everything together. I'm sure I would split them for the right price, though.


#6 mmdewitt Jan 26, 2012 09:06 AM

I found a transmitter. Thanks Gerald

#7 sia100 Jan 26, 2012 05:21 PM

Good ;-)

#8 sia100 Jan 28, 2012 09:46 AM

Update: I ordered a new servo to replace the glitchy one. Will swap out and then post a test hover vid.

#9 sia100 Feb 12, 2012 11:30 AM

Update: Servo replaced, heli is back in the air!
GF and I replaced the servo (I have the coolest girl!) and recorded a test hover last night:


This heli is ready to fly, right out of the box!

Here is a pic of gf in the operating room, with the patient on the table :-)


Give this happy little heli a new home :popcorn:

$275 shipped conus, includes tons of parts. Complete list plus links in initial post above. PM with questions or offers.

Note: I've done a few purchases on RCGroups, but this is my first sale. I sell frequently on ebay, though, and have a 100% positive rating there. My ebay name is Sia10. I have a couple of threads I frequently post to on RCGroups:




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