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#1 cruzroy Jan 02, 2012 04:46 PM

FYI on the difference between the V1 AND V2
I was bored today , so I figured I would go thru both raptor manuals, the 30 V1 and V2 and see what the difference is and make a list, when you ask the numbers are confusing and there are many clone parts, like gobee, maverick, Thunder Tiger, and so on, but these numbers and pictures will cross reference with all brands....(I think) and the pictures helped me....I still need help on the BEARINGS, it seems the V2 bearings donít make since....I have one but Iím not ready to take it apart and find out yet, but if someone wants to match them up or tell me which are not the same...I will add it to the list,,,hope this helps noobs like me...Caz I have a V1 that I want to convert in the future...


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