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#1 mintie Dec 29, 2011 01:22 AM

Street racing with our karts
Over the Xmas break both our sons came home for a visit and both bought their R/C Go karts with them.
Because we live in a nice quite cul de sac with good smooth tarmac we used this as our race track.
Each lap was about 150 meters long so where able to really make these karts sing along.
We now have them fine tuned and can take the big corner at full power with the kart only just hanging on for grip.
Of course we have had numerus spin outs and curb hitting which does a bit of damage to the karts.But with just enough spares was able to keep them going.
A very short video of a part of a race.

RC Go karts street racing (0 min 19 sec)

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