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#1 Bernie Wolfard Oct 02, 2003 08:55 PM

CLIC wing thumbs up, EDF 50 thumbs down
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I just flew my CLIC for the first time and it far exceeds my expectations. Fast and slow, able to handle wind, easy to fly yet challenging and something I feel comfortable flying yet willing to take risks with (most say I take risks with everything) and just plane fun. Here is a picture of my CLIC, 2p1s CBC 850 Lipo, CS-10 servos, GWS ISC 100e ESC, EDF-50 motor with heat sink and 3 X 2 prop. The goo on the heat sink is thermal grease that I got a little carried away with.

I only flew about 7 minutes then landed because it seemed to be loosing a little power and check how the Lipos were doing. I also wanted to switch to a 3 X 3 prop. Everything was cool to the touch so I switched props and tried to test run the motor. It would hardly turn over then quit. I tried my other battery with the same results. I was thinking "OH MY GOD, the smoke came out of the ECS. How could that have happened?" I went home with my tail between my legs. I first checked my batteries, they were OK (this is my first experience with Lipos and I find them a little unbelievable). I then plugged my back up EDF-50 into the ESC and it spun up with no problem. Phew, the ESC is OK but DAMN, I only got 7 minutes on a $10 motor. From reading post here there seems to be a wide range of MTF with this engine, from DOA to 20+ 15 minute flights. Where is the average? If it is closer to the low end of the range I can't afford them. If towards the high end of the scale I will use them for awhile.

Has anyone used the Johnson 250 on this wing? If so, how did you get it to balance without strapping 7 1700 SCRs on the front? I have $5.00 worth of these or 10 motors and would like to use them. But I don't want to turn the CLIC into a pig.


#2 Mike Taylor Oct 02, 2003 10:01 PM

You toasted the EDF by running a prop on it. Lots of others have made the same mistake. What you want on there is the EDP (prop, not fan winding). They are supposed to last a lot longer, but the EDFs are known to give up quite quickly swinging a prop...

#3 rakm Oct 02, 2003 10:01 PM


Uh oh, the EDF-50 is actually the wrong motor for a DD configuration. The EDF-50 is the 4.8 volt motor made to swing tiny props that go on the GWS ducted fans. You actually need to get the EDP-50 motor; or the GWS-50XC kit which is essentially an EDP-50 motor and 3x2 props bundled.

With the EDP-50 and a 3x2 or 3x3 prop you should get good performance and longevity...


#4 vkmaynard Oct 03, 2003 07:58 AM


Does some sell just the EDP-50 without the props for $8?

I need 2


#5 rakm Oct 03, 2003 08:25 AM


Haven't seen any for sale as motor only. Just the 50-XC kit (EDP-50,3x2 props) and replacement IPS kits (EDP-50, Pre installed Pinion). So it looks like the best bet would be the 50-XC kit for replacements.

By the way I'm getting great longevity out of my EDP's without heatsink and on 3x3 props. Many many hours, way more than 10, and I fly LIPO so they're run for extended periods of time...


#6 Bernie Wolfard Oct 03, 2003 01:05 PM

Damn!! I hate the arcane GWS naming system!! Now I have a couple $10 motors that I have no use for and 1 that is already a paper weight, and not a very good paper weight at that. No wonder I was able to fly around at less than 1/3 throttle.

Is 7.2V Twin B Replacement Motors/Pinions (IPSD-1BRXC), the IPS twin replacement motors with a pinion the same as the EDP motor? These are 2 for $18 at Balsa Products where the EDP system with 3 X 2 props is $10.

Anyone want to chime in using a Johnson J250 on this wing?


#7 Bernie Wolfard Oct 03, 2003 01:15 PM

Is the motor from an IPS-D system the correct motor? I have on laying around from an IPS-D system I put the EDF motor in to make a hybrid.

#8 gobigdale Oct 03, 2003 01:35 PM

the johnson will go on there but will make for a very heavy little wing. It will also be hard to get the CG right because the batteries wont go any further forward. I am thinking about putting some more sweep in my cores to move the CG forward a little bit and give it a go.

#9 rakm Oct 03, 2003 02:04 PM

Flutterbug here's a copy/paste from a post by jms336 in another thread here on E-Zone related to the Johnson motor and the CLiC:

just put one in a new CLIC wing with 2s2p etec 700's and it rocks!

The CLIC has a sweet airfoil and the J250 seems very happy on it! I have loads of speed and about 2-3 seconds of vertical, BIG loops, etc... It's still so light that it was hitting thermals and jumping up 20-30 feet in a second or less. I could speck it out in about 1-2 minutes no problem.

I believe if you do this you'll need to add some reinforcement, possibly a lightweight spar to prevent high speed flutter due to the increased wing loading and power...

BTW the motor from the IPS D is the correct motor.


#10 Martyn McKinney Oct 03, 2003 02:15 PM

I am using an All Electronics J250 on my homemade wing which is similar to the CLIC.

Because of the sweepback, most of the weight behind the CG is from the frame of the aircraft. The motor is mounted close to the CG and I found that changing to a heavier motor did not cause as much of a shift as I had anticipated.

I am using Etec 1200 lipolys with mine.

#11 Mike_Then Oct 03, 2003 03:24 PM

One of my EDF motors went out on the 2nd flight. Didn't even sound that healthy on the first flight to be honest with you.

#12 KsFlyer Oct 03, 2003 04:54 PM

I have plenty of replacement motors in stock. I can sell you an EDP with two props for $10 or Just the motor for $9 if you want.

Let me know how I can help.

AV8 Hobbies.com

#13 vkmaynard Oct 03, 2003 09:46 PM


I sent you a PayPal for 2 motor without the prop.



#14 STRINGFLY Oct 03, 2003 09:47 PM

AV8 hobbies
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#15 KsFlyer Oct 03, 2003 10:22 PM

Thanks again. Will ship them ASAP.


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