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#1 chattymatty Dec 19, 2011 01:43 AM

Picco P67 Marine Engine .67/11cc NIB WITH EXTRAS!
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"New Old Stock" Picco P67 Marine 2 Stroke Nitro Motor circa 1990/91. Never run (to the best of my knowledge) and in better than new condition. Was purchased in 1990 or so from a local "go-fast guru" who installed the critical RPM billet connecting rod as the originals were a bit weak. This model has the early full-circle crankshaft NOT the breakage prone "stepped" design of later models. Carburetor is aluminum, not plastic, and still has the original Picco stickers intact. All threads are solid and clean, 100% perfect, o-rings are as new. I disassembled it only for the pictures, which is the first time it has been apart since purchased, and it shows ZERO wear. Reasembled with proper anti-sease on threads and assembly lube (glycerine) on seals and friction surafces. Any blemishes you might think you see in the pictures are either due the to bad lighting in my kitchen, or my lack of skill with a camera.

The AS NEW rubber-isolated RPM engine mounts are included and are in perfect condition (I don't have the original packaging so can't list as NIB).

I do not know what brand the included AS NEW (with a little black paint added) tuned pipe is, but as these items were a gift from my father and he tends to over-buy (hence the beefed-up engine), it was likely the best tuned pipe availible at the time...he's just that kind of guy.

These were purchased for the Dumas Miss Circus Circus Hydroplane in case that effects the model and/or length/width of the mounts or pipe...I am not an expert of the different types availible back then.

THIS SALE INCLUDES: the Picco P67 engine with installed RPM connecting rod. One pair RPM engine mounts. Original exhaust stub pipe AND aftermarket tuned pipe. Original box for the engine only (I do not have packaging for the tuned pipe or motor mounts).

WHAT IT IS MISSING: the original instruction sheet, one allen bolt for the engine mount (easy piesey, I just don't have an extra) and the retainer spring for the stock exhaust pipe (also VERY easy to replace or make). Included free shipping will more than cover the cost of these two bits.

WHAT IT IS: an AS-NEW, go-fast, top-of-the-line, beefed-up, super-throw-me-down, double-backflip, state-of-the-art, go win the 1991 1/8th Scale 11cc World Championships professional racing engine.

WHAT IT ISN'T: a brand new, go-fast, top-of-the-line, beefed-up, super-throw-me-down, double-backflip, state-of-the-art, go win the 2012 1/8th Scale 11cc World Championships professional racing engine.

Although these items are represented "AS NEW" and as stunning as words can describe, I can offer no warranty on them. While they are to the best of my knoweldge in PERFECT NOS CONDITION, the reality is that they are 20-year-old components, and personally, I would not trust 20-year-old grease. I leave it to you to clean and wash the bearing surfaces to your own personal satisfaction. The responsibility of proper lubrication and break-in is yours.


Please note: the cylinder head cover piece on this engine is highly polished aluminum, not the rough grey casting I have seen on other Picco's of this vintage. I do not know if this was a special model from the factory (unlikely as there is no special designation on the box label), a replacement part (even more unlikey as it serves no mechanical purpose...why change it?), or something the tuner did prior to my purchase just to make it look cool (my personal theory). Either way, it looks really sharp!

$199 to your door! Shipping included!

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Merry X-mas

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Real good motor

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