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#1 pecanpatch Nov 30, 2011 08:19 AM

Tie the plane down dummy!

Holly Quacomolee! ^

#2 pecanpatch Nov 30, 2011 03:47 PM

That really makes me sick!

#3 1320fastback Nov 30, 2011 06:38 PM

Holy crap :eek:

Was thinking it might be a test of some sorts but think they would of restrained it though.

#4 buggingout67 Nov 30, 2011 06:49 PM

boy that sucks the look on the guys face when he sees what happen lol. i would like to see the after math :(

#5 dhc8guru Nov 30, 2011 07:16 PM

That's either a really light airplane or some really high wind...or both.

#6 Flying-Monkey Dec 19, 2011 06:26 AM

It didn't help that they left the elevator in full up deflection...

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