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#1 Thomas vogel Oct 26, 2001 03:44 PM

Searching for Mr Ted Biggs
I Have been shown A pic of your really nice Do 335 and would like to ask some questions.

#2 Don Leitz Oct 27, 2001 11:47 AM

Ted is a regular on this board, but he is out of town at the moment and probably not connected. I did send this post to him via email, so he should respond to you in a few days.

Don Leitz

#3 gbruce Oct 28, 2001 02:17 AM

Do-335 kit by Ted Biggs!
Not to jump the gun here to much but I produce the canopy for Ted's ARROW and I have a pre-production kit...

You guys are in for a real treat!!!

I'm still wiping the drool off of it and will begin building it after Christmas. Ted just ordered 10 Canopies so you might want to get on his list and pre-order it as it won't be a kit that will be sitting on many peoples shelves...It will be on their BUILDING BOARDS!!

Cool subject..excellently done by Ted...

HOT cakes, man, HOT cakes!:cool: :D

#4 Slope Nut Oct 28, 2001 07:35 AM

What are the specs of the kit? What are the construction materials (i.e. balsa or foam, or both?). Let us know what you think, I may have to get one of these.


#5 Thomas B Oct 28, 2001 10:58 AM

Don, could you forward another post (this one!) and let Ted know another E-zoner wants badly to be on the kit list??

#6 gbruce Oct 28, 2001 01:12 PM

Bigg Kits...?
The Do-335 is balsa and lite ply with a foam wing. I think it is an RG-15 airfoil...All the laser cut parts are REALLY, REALLY, nice!:D :D


#7 KOMET 44 Oct 28, 2001 06:40 PM

Hi all i'd also like to jump on this list.thanxs stefanP:D

Ghost rider, "requesting a fly by"

#8 Thomas vogel Oct 29, 2001 05:53 PM

Oh boy oh boy oh boy(I'm hyperventalating) That almost sounds like what I want the rg15 is a fast airfoil right?

#9 tiggs Oct 29, 2001 08:00 PM

Hi everyone
Thanks for the kind words Bruce! Just back from a week in scenic Williamsburg.

It is true that I'm thinking of a kit run, but I'm a little nervous about it, as I've never done anything like it before, and wouldn't want to disappoint my fellow modelers. Bruce is the only other person to really see the kit, and no one has built one but myself. Went together pretty well for me, but I knew what I was thinking...

I used the crutch method found in Jim Ryan's kits, as it seems to work out splendidly for him.
The wing is foam with 1/32 balsa sheeting. The airfoil is actually E205. I wanted something that seemd likely to work to me! ;)

Everything else is balsa/ply.

s400 twin, 312 sq in. Mine was 39 oz with 10 cells, obviously lighter on 6v and 8 cells (thinking of doing one this way this winter)

I'd like to get a few kits together over the next few weeks, but I can't make too many early promises as I'm working around 70-80 hours a week right now. :(

I'll let you guys know when things are a little closer to reality.

By the way, Bruce's canopy is REALLY incresible! :D

#10 KOMET 44 Oct 29, 2001 08:52 PM

Do 335
Ted this would make a nice christmas present under my tree.stefanP:D

Ghost rider requesting a "Fly By"

#11 Slope Nut Oct 30, 2001 09:06 AM

Thanks for the update. Do you have plans available? I would be in for plans, canopy and cores if that is an option. Any details you have on the tear away bottom fin would be helpful too.


#12 Thomas vogel Oct 30, 2001 11:24 AM

What could be better -A kit by a Ezoner. It's like having my own lobbyist in Congress-humm Jim are you listening?

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