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#1 PLD Nov 01, 2011 06:03 AM

SLOGGER-1, servo volts/amps/pulse logger
I've been in discussions with some other R/C people lately and one thing that came up was the desire for a "simple" servo logger (as opposed to a full house and sink solution like the Eagletree systems).

So, I've started creating the SLOGGER, clearly short for "Servo Logger".

Size: 28 x 18mm ( 1.1 x 0.7" )

Sits between the RX and the servo, requires no special power source. Parameters will be:
  • Current: 20mA resolution
  • Voltage: 10mV resolution (0.01V)
  • Pulse time: 1~5uS resolution
  • Sample rate: 20 frames/sec
  • Log duration: 1~3hrs

Recall of the data will be via serial-USB and can be simply dumped into your spreadsheet or graphing software of choice (I could also write up a web page that'll convert data into nice scalable SVG graphs).

The first prototype boards are already being made - a couple of weeks wait for that.

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