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#1 windmania Oct 29, 2011 08:48 PM

DJI WK-M For Sale
Selling my WK-M which is the latest unit. It has about 10 or so flights on it.

I also have 8 Hobbywing Platinum Pro 40 amp ESC's available.

DJI price - $1000.00

ESC's - $300 for all 8

#2 noppita Oct 29, 2011 10:01 PM

may i ask you,, what is wrong with it?

#3 timecop Oct 30, 2011 12:34 AM

Why should there be something wrong with it to be on sale?

#4 noppita Oct 30, 2011 12:57 AM


come on, this is a just a normal question? you seem to follow me around? :)

or should i ask what is good about it? :)

#5 timecop Oct 30, 2011 01:03 AM

Haha, no I would have replied same regardless of who posted the question. The price is fair, its been between 1400 to 1200 new depending on where you got it from. And there's very little that can go wrong with these units, they're quality built.

#6 noppita Oct 30, 2011 01:07 AM

i know the price is lower and lower, so it might be in range that i may be able to buy one. but i just have to do some research on it to see what if anything wrong about it. that is all.

#7 Joshbb Oct 30, 2011 04:54 AM

last one up for sale was $800...from someone has has more than 1 post under their belt.... just sayin,,

#8 windmania Oct 30, 2011 08:13 AM

Very fair question about why I am selling. I am using this on a large octo and I feel it is just not quite ready. I know these work very well on the smaller machines.

Joshb - this is my first post but to make you feel comfortable, I am the USA importer for Minicopter Helicopters.



#9 tom6696950 Oct 30, 2011 08:15 AM

Pm sent

#10 noppita Oct 30, 2011 09:55 AM


thank you for your answer to "what is wrong with it?" that is what i have been readying about DJI -----> problem with larger multicopter.

hope you close your sell soon. :)

#11 noppita Oct 30, 2011 09:56 AM


i also see that post for 800 but it is gone now.

#12 quad master Nov 01, 2011 12:04 PM

does it come with power module ?

#13 windmania Nov 01, 2011 02:14 PM

This system does come will the power module.

JoshBB, Quad Master and Michael64 - please stop hijacking this ad. Thank you.

#14 quad master Nov 02, 2011 06:10 PM

I was thinking about buying it. if nobody buys it in a week pm me.

#15 Michael64 Nov 02, 2011 06:45 PM

If you would have read what I posted I was helping your thread not HIJACKING but saying how good the WKM, sometimes it not worth trying to helping somebody.


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