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#1 335driver Oct 28, 2011 11:30 PM

Mirage 2000 70mm
Besides Ducted Fans.com, does anyone else sell this kit? It's a FG fuselage with balsa sheeted foam wings, intended to be bungee launched. What kind of experience have you had dealing with Ducted Fans company? Just asking as I have not dealt with them and would like to hear pro or con. Thanks

#2 Mike Warren Oct 29, 2011 04:41 AM

Those were/are from VelocityRC:

Not sure why the Mirage isnt shown on the Velocity website?
Try contacting Velocity directly............you will be a lot better off than dealing with USA vendors.:rolleyes:

While the model is not "retract ready" itis also possible to modify this one with SpringAir 602 retracts.

Fairly extensive thread on the model here:

#3 bwoollia Feb 28, 2012 11:03 PM

Just saw this here - the Mirage is on the Velocity website, you have to click on "More" by jets. Link is here:


#4 Fast 50 Feb 29, 2012 02:45 AM

Go to Velocity RC
Ducted Fans carries the original version, Velocity sells the V2. Main diff., fan moved to rear for easier CG. Ordered mine from ducted fan after extensive discussion about V2 fan location and was assured they had the V2. They Lied!!!! Was not shipped timely. Never again for me. I moved fan back myself, extended intake and new mounts. Flew great, had a bad bungee and lost it. Next one comes from velocity, which also comes with the newer fan. Again Ducted Fan flat out LIED, never again for me.


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