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        Discussion How to CANCEL an order so I can re-order from different HK warehouse?

#1 Little-Acorn Oct 24, 2011 01:26 PM

How to CANCEL an order so I can re-order from different HK warehouse?
Anyone know how to CANCEL a Hobbyking order from the USA warehouse, that's only for one item (that's backordered!), so that I can order from the Hong Kong warehouse instead?

I ordered a Turnigy 9x TX/RX from the USA warehouse, but it's backordered. I'd like to cancel that order so I can order the same thing from their Hong Kong warehouse instead.

I know, the USA one is Mode 2 while the Hong Kong one (at least the one that's still in stock) is Mode 1. But it sounds fairly easy to convert Mode 1 to Mode 2. So I'd like to go for it.

But I'm damned if I can find the CANCEL button on my order for the USA Warehouse order. The only item in the order is that transmitter, and it's backordered.

I tried calling the toll-free number, it rang a dozen times and then hung up on me. Tried the Live Chat, got the standard greeting and typed my question. A long time later, it automatically closed with no reply.

How do I cancel?

#2 hoppy Oct 24, 2011 01:46 PM

Sign in and go to Support page.

Go down to "Wrong item received or parcel missing items."

Click on Support Centre

Click on Submit a Request

Tell them what you want to do. Include order number.
If you want to cancel the present order, say cancel and tell them to refund product cost and shipping cost to PayPal (If you used PayPal).

If they convert your payment to credits, you cannot use credits to pay for shipping.

#3 Little-Acorn Oct 24, 2011 02:02 PM

Thank you Hoppy!

#4 hoppy Oct 24, 2011 02:30 PM

Don't thank me yet.:) Let's see how it works - what I said is what they told me to do.
Let us know what happens.

#5 Eagleburger Oct 25, 2011 01:12 AM

I have done it twice without problems.

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