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#1 SkyEyes Oct 11, 2011 07:34 AM

Best COMPACT Antenna Tracking pan and tilt (for GROUND STATION Patch)?
Hi guys,

I have my Patch antenna from my FPV Plane flying days, that I would now like to integrate into a very minimalist ground station setup, for flying multicopters FPV.

This is due to the nature that these type of craft could be directly above, just hovering, or potentially in a number of directions around my land position.

Whats the best, plus most compact, antenna tracking pan and tilt out there at the moment?
I do understand this will require probably some kind of OSD/GPS on the model, for it to "know" where to point in relation to me on the ground.

Any feedback appreciated. :)

#2 IBCrazy Oct 11, 2011 08:22 AM

You will probably want to avoid tilt unless you have a circualarly polarized antenna on the copter. If you must have tilt, limit it to 45 degrees of tilt. The reason is polarization loss is a huge problem with tracking.

Two places to check are UrbanDrones.com and ReadymadeRC.com. Both of these have relatively small trackers that mount to tripods.


#3 SkyEyes Oct 11, 2011 08:33 AM

Hi IBCrazy, thankyou for your prompt feedback plus guidance, really appreciative of someone with such a highly regarded status such as yourself - plus I know, I do really need one of your "special" cloverleaf antennas. :)

Thats interesting, notes taken. Will take a look at those sources you list.
So potentially I should have the Patch positioned on its base at say a 45 degree angle skyward, then just have a Pan mechanism, that'll rotate "effectively" 360 degrees around, to cover the direction the Copter might be flying in?

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