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#1 angelfood Oct 01, 2011 02:38 PM

The myth of a thousand cuts
Well, Top, I'm about to join ye: it seems that stale posts, made before my 5 day vacation, as with you, are being searched for and used to justify further "points." (What is it the song says, "Burned by a dude in Dallas....")

I reckon once that starts the end is near. Kiss of the spider woman and all that....;)

Socrates, I lift my glass to you with its bitter draught, though I've borne 10,000 insults from Fortunato, it appears this Amontillado is for me. It would seem that I, too, am charged with "corrupting the youth of Athens."

That's some Catch, that Catch 22.

I've "met" some great folks, here, and learned an amazing amount, but all things have their end. Actually, it's good timing: I'm preparing for a six week vacation to South America and the South Pole (well, parts of the continent), so an old bird like me should probably be made to fly!

Fly along now, old bird!

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