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#1 Tom Frank Sep 25, 2011 11:55 PM

Poll For Current and Future #11 HD Key Cam Users
I am closing this poll since we have a good sampling of user preferences, and the trend has been pretty stable through the last half of the voting. Thanks to all who participated.

Your input has been passed on to the camera developer, and because the results overwhelmingly favor AVI over MOV (no big surprise there to me), I think we may see this as an OPTIONAL file output container in modified firmware. The video codec would remain H.264 as previously mentioned, and I think the MOV container would remain a firmware option as well. Please stay tuned to the thread linked below for more information as it becomes available.

Possible changes in Video File Format are being considered for a future version of the #11 HD Key Cam. The video codec will remain H.264, but a change in the output file container from the existing .MOV format to a more compatible .AVI format for players and editors is being considered.

Please indicate your preference in the above Poll. PLEASE do not add additional posts here! The exisitng discussion thread for this camera is located here. You are welcome to post there.


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