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#1 trf_414_m2 Sep 22, 2011 10:00 AM

Csc-el 3.8
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Hi guys.

Cesar here, from Spain.

Just few words to catch you attention about a new ride at the 1/8 scene.

A new custom designed prototype, dual swingarm suspension, belt driven, with unique features and awesome performance. This weird invention from myself gave me the chances to win the Spanish Nats past July. But Fate turn against us...

Let´s talk about its steering system. Custom designed from car parts, lead to a totally new desing of front wheel that keeps the system inside and perfectly aligned.

Front suspension is oil damped, and damper is easily accessible from the left side for tuning. Swingarm placement have been optimized to avoid wheelbase decrease.

Vertical battery mount allows the use of hardcase packs (X*35*20mm), and weight bias keep front wheel planted at any situation.

Clamp style motor mount for 20mm dia motors (another for 22mm ones will be ready soon..). No rotating mid shaft keep suspension interferences away. Spur gear and mid pulley spin on ball bearings, as supposed to.

Rear suspension feature an special swingarm, designed to flex at max leaning angle increasing traction. Of course, oil damped too.

Rear wheel (pictured) is a Venom one, but I plant to install OTO/ZH ones over a custom designed hub.

I forgot to tell a "small" detail about the bike. Running weight (race ready), just 450gr with 1300mAh lipo...

Bikes would be shipped completely assembled. In case of electronics needed, I´m open to sell bikes RTR with clear bodies and foam riders.

So this is a survey to find how many people could be interested about this awesome bike...

You send a PM for more details and prices (not yet, still searching for suppliers...)

Thanks for looking.


#2 rpedro Sep 22, 2011 10:14 AM

cool bike, but VERY close to the SB5...:)

#3 trf_414_m2 Sep 22, 2011 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by rpedro (Post 19389526)
cool bike, but VERY close to the SB5...:)

Take a closer look...

And realize where the front swingarm pivots. This is not a mini SB5...

It works!!!!


#4 Johntleman Sep 22, 2011 10:53 AM

nice prototype, some video maybe to see how it works ?

#5 trf_414_m2 Sep 22, 2011 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by Johntleman (Post 19389846)
nice prototype, some video maybe to see how it works ?

His grandmother....:cool::cool::cool:


Go through this thread and find a lot of info about this "weird" design.

You´ll see some videos of the very first run (post #52) and how the steering works (post #35). The piano wire seen at one video was substituted by a carbon brace, and that´s the system the new bike has too.

You´ll be able to see a "Lost Evolution", the CSC-EL 2.8, there...

#6 Mantisworx Sep 22, 2011 01:21 PM

as a designer of 1/8 stuff myself, the market is really small so if your price is not right. you may have a hard time selling them. Even ZH lowered his prices on the new bike. Venom lowered theirs too and now have a pro-kit. just food for thought.

#7 slawsonb Sep 22, 2011 09:04 PM

The market far 1/8 is a little weaker than the 1/5 but not by that much. The problem I see with a manufacturer selling direct is lack of customer awareness. A retailer has can get the product in customer hands but only if their is adequate incentive (profit) to do so.


#8 trf_414_m2 Sep 23, 2011 01:26 AM

I agree with both of you (Mantis and Bruce) that this is a risky adventure.

In fact, more than a manufacturer I´m an artisan. All the parts of the bike will be CNC´d by other companies and then put together.

Profit?... I would be glad to count on several shops to sell the bike to the people, while I pack orders of 50 bikes each. The problem is that CNC machining in Europe is so expensive and profit threshold decreases....

Anybody knows a CNC company in China? Sure they´ll work much cheaper.

Mantis, you´re right. Venom offers a Pro Kit where they substitute all the fiberglass and plastic for graphite and aluminium....

...but, this is a Pro kit right off the box. Carbon fiber, aluminium, ball bearings, F/R oil damped suspensions, belt drive

When I plan to design/race with any of my bikes, I use the best quality materials to make them "bullet/foolproof". I raced my current CSC-EL1.8 for a year and a half and I broke Venom rear wheels only (4).

I have to shot a video for you to see how it handles....

See you soon.

#9 ParacordPaul Sep 23, 2011 04:08 AM

Hi Cesar,

No matter what happens in the end the fact you came up with quite a unique design that looks to work very well. The more I studied the drawings the more I realized exactly what you did, bravo!


#10 Gartenzwerg Sep 23, 2011 04:30 AM

Looks very unique!

I can't believe it works with that low Weight - I guess that's something you have to see and feel to believe it :)

How many starters did you have in your Championship in the 1/8 Scale Class?


#11 trf_414_m2 Sep 23, 2011 06:37 AM


Originally Posted by Gartenzwerg (Post 19397038)
Looks very unique!

I can't believe it works with that low Weight - I guess that's something you have to see and feel to believe it :)

How many starters did you have in your Championship in the 1/8 Scale Class?


Seven drivers on this class. One CSC (mine) lapping a second faster per lap against OTO/ZH and other OTO based prototypes, till Fate placed a slower driver in front of me on one final (crash and second), blown tyre on other final and bad drivers behavior at podium stand on last final.

First final, check lap times of "coche 3"....


1/8 scale is so limited to central Spain, while 1/5 is the way to go at the mediterranean shore.

Hope this bike change their minds for a bigger competition next year.

About weight questions, current bike (1.8) scales up to 550gr race ready, and lacks of slightly high CG. This have been solved at the 3.8 designing a much lighter upper frame and giving plenty of room to install ESC and RX (micro) under the motor mount.

I feel the bike works due to its special geometry (F/R) and CG placement, allowing the use of higher gear ratios and decreasing inertias.

#12 Manuspain Oct 02, 2011 04:01 AM

first version in spanish championship 2011

Not his best lap, but this bike is much quicker than any 1/8 on the track. Easy to brake/slide entering corners.
With the low weight, it's possible to overgear so the power is more drivable.

Proto CSC-EL1.8 TRF_414_m2 (0 min 46 sec)

#13 swheels Oct 02, 2011 07:48 AM

Looking at the other 1/8th scales,to me it looked like they were pushing the frontend pretty bad. I also thought with the bike being so small they would be able to make a tighter turn at a good speed.:confused:

#14 Manuspain Oct 02, 2011 01:46 PM

one or two seconds slower than a 1/5 superbike the same day on the same track. Not bad at all.

But the 1/8 scale need more tires options to be really funny in my opinion.

#15 trf_414_m2 Oct 02, 2011 04:46 PM

I should agree with Manu.

He was the only one that tested my bike at the Nats (others wanted but racing schedule was so tight...)

There are very few tyre choices for 1/8 scale. I raced Venom tyres and inserts due to easier availability for me while other drivers mixed OTO/ZH/Venom tyres and OTO/custom front inners plus OTO/Venom/custom rears.

But I think most important factor for the "front end pushing" seen at the video are the crash bars placement. If we look at bike´s mid point of wheelbase, OTO based prototypes place crash bars contact point closer to the front, and CG make them to unload that wheel.

My design places crash bar contact point over spur gear and CG is much more advanced and raised. This makes the front tyre to get a lot of pressure from bike´s weight at slow corners. This could lead to an unloaded rear wheel if not properly tuned, but I feel fast enough even in rainy conditions.

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